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  Posted: Sep 21, 2012 8:24 PM FEED
1 Valencia

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Enjoyed some family time in our favorite place today... the basketball court.
My first attempt at crawfish etouffee. Husband's entire review: "Yup... Yup." *continues-to-dive-in* Diego's review: "Yay! Yay!"
Certain European cities have such serenity, beauty, and romance. Luxembourg is one of them.
Took little mister & big mister on a date to the science center. We had a blast, because, nerds.
Came home from running errands to find this on my couch. Made me fall a little bit more in love with them both.
I've developed an obsession with this Dutch artist who paints nothing but cows from her family dairy farm. Her work makes me nostalgic for home sweet #Petaluma.
Repping for daddy's birth city, munching on cookies.
The hardest part of every work day is walking away from this face.
A lovely venue for a somber occasion, remembering 9/11.
Flight-themed pumpkin sculpture series at the local park. The mushrooms made me giggle.
Breakfast of champions, special delivery from Paris, because I have the most amazing friends.
Posted: Aug 21, 2017 12:53 AM
1 Aden
Had the BEST time hanging out with these two this weekend as Diego hosted his first sleepover like a big boy. If you'd told me I'd love all the craziness of being a mom and play dates and whatnot as much as I do, I never would have believed you. Despite everything going on in the world, the future is bright with sweet spirits like these coming up to take the reins of our society.