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When your morning run looks like this 😍✨
Swimsuits out thanks to this Parisian weather! 💦👙☀️#leweekend
Understand the past to create the future 🌎
I am part of the #ParsonsReunion Committee this year and will take over the @parsonsschoolofdesign account later today for a day around fashion week in Paris. As @newschoolalumni, I hope fellow Parsons alumni in New York will make it to to Reunion on October 14th! 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓 Tune in this afternoon and reserve your place! 👋🏼 #parsonsreunion #youneverleaveparsons
Sustainability should not be taken as a buzzword, but as an action. Today, I had the pleasure to experience firsthand a new path the fashion industry is moving towards. TENCEL luxe was presented by the Lenzing company, as a filament or tissue that is sustainable and can be incorporated in the making of clothes. I am very glad to support initiatives involved with ethical and sustainability issues and that can reduce waste at any proportion. See more on my Stories ✨ #TencelLuxe #Lenzing