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An invitation suite fit for a wedding @the_greenbrier!! 📷@c10ike
This is an oldie but such a goodie!!!!! Painting watercolor on shimmer cardstock is a practice in patience, but soooo worth the effort!! -------------------------------------
Watch me live on Monday where I'll be a Guest on "The Hostess Next Door" with @littlethingsusa @littlethingsfaves. This invitation will be inspiring something super beautiful for your fall table 🍂🍁🌿😘
Calligraphy by @mminkstudio
I'm so flippin' excited about Izzy's birthday🎈invites....And super relived I can still draw and paint things other than flowers😬🙄🤣
See my previous post for a little time lapse of this watercolor dragon coming to life with even more on stories!
Isaac (Izzy) turns two this December and while I promised I wouldn't "go crazy" with his party this year...I may have lied? 😬🐉🐲
Izzy adores touch and feel/lift the flap board books sooooooo Mama is making them for all his party friends as a fun way to invite them to the celebration. -------------------------------------
And so today I began painting our main character "Izzy the Dragon". Check stories for more!! Paper -
Watercolors - @mijello_mission
Brush - @jazperstardust
A wax seal with crisscrossed twine & unusual paper layering adds that extra little something to this classic sketched monogram invite!!
This gatefold & watercolor landscape save the date gives guests the perfect preview of what's to come!!
Jealousy is a rotten emotion. It deceives us into thinking we aren't good enough, that we'll never be where we want to be , that our efforts are worthless. Jealousy is a lie...but personally it is one that I believe all too often. -------------------------------------
Today I attempted to turn the tides on jealousy. Smothering those feelings with genuine kindness holds so much power. -------------------------------------
And so I reached out to someone and in a very honest confession shared my experience. I confessed that I was ashamed of myself for the jealous emotions that seemed to consume me at times. I proclaimed that we both were doing what we were meant to. We are serving God and His people through our art so what place does jealousy have in this conversation? Only the place we reserve for it.
I pray she replies. I hope my words open up a door for connection that might do us both good. At the very least though, I faced the emotions, claimed them and admitted their hold on me.
Gold for days... something crazy happens when our brushes meet this custom mixed gold acrylic we developed over the last few years. The loft of the paint plus pressure on the page through the brush bristles produces the most exquisite and often hard to predict textures. But here lies the beauty....Not knowing exactly what the next stroke will look like.
Super fun combination of geometric designs, watercolor florals & letterpress..& a pair of lovebirds for good measure!!
Spent the evening with longtime friend @rosesparksart visiting all the way from Austin, TX. ----------------------------------------------------------
We talked art and mama-hood and faith and of all the good things that friends do when they only see each other every five years. ----------------------------------------------------------What stuck with me after hours of chatter was how we all feel the constant tug of war between what we should be doing, what we are doing and what we could be doing. Whatever you do in this life, I bet you're nodding in agreement right now.
How do we find that precarious and beautiful in-between, where what we want to make aligns with what we need to make?
Some relaxing swirls for today. 💙🙏🏻💦🌊
Paper @legionpaper cold press
Brush Hand carved, turquoise inlay @jazperstardust
Watercolors @mijello_mission
This invitation suite is just bursting with Art Deco details!!
Here’s a little walk through of a beachy watercolor keepsake invite we created a little while back!! Such a fun preview of what’s to come for your guests!!
Good Morning, Good Morning!!! Taking a beat today to intro myself and say hello 🙌🏻to all who are new here! Thank you a million times over for joining me here and commenting and liking..I ❤️to hear from you so keep it coming!! Okay here goes:

1. I'm an adoptive Mama to Isaac (Izzy) and blessed to know and love his first Mama well. My life looks and feels right now like I never thought it could and I'm relishing in these first years with our boy. I never wanted to be a Mama, or so I thought, but God said go and so I went. How lucky I am that he knows me best.
2. The love of my life Adam has been my beau since I was 16. We grew up together, prom-ed together, did college together and quite simply I can't see my world without his influence. He manages the backend of Momental and keeps me in check where all things are concerned. We married young so we're coming on 18 years together!
3. I founded Momental Designs which has evolved into a beautiful entity the likes of which I never dreamed. We vision and create hand painted stationery for party loving people worldwide. My fierce team is full of those I call friends and we treat every day in the studio like it's a girlfriends sleepover.
4. I'm a soon to be 8 time author with📚@schifferpublishing and have learned over the last 3 years that creating books is a fierce passion. I believe in the power that making art😍has to curate peace and calm in our lives and have made it my mission to bring the realities of painting to anyone who simply has a desire to try.
5. Southern Utah has become part of my soul over the last 10 years and every trip there feels like coming home. We enjoy a small home just a short jaunt from the foot of @zionnps and open that home to anyone who wants to experience Southern Utah (DM me seriously). 6. Painting flowers is my heart. I used to pretend I loved painting everything because that's what I thought was the right bing to do. But since I've been honest about my flower obsession, so many doors have opened. Be true, be real and the world is yours!
Well that is all I have! I'd love to hear from you, am happy to answer questions about adoption, business, art! Can't wait to hear from you!
Monogrammed invite with hand painted gold stripes & brush stroke borders.... no boring black tie invites here!!
Sweet Woden menus I designed for a family member's baby shower. Maple wood with a painted stripe around all edges, plus check out he over painting on the word "menu"...Love this subtle distressing technique that adds loads of textures!
This season of @Momental is a wild one. While relishing in the successes of 2017 we're also BIG picture strategizing for the next 5-10 years! Surreal, yes but indeed necessary. -----------------------------------------------------------
Signed a BIG contract last week that has the potential to revitalize a languishing market in my corner of the industry. Things are moving fast and I'm counting the days until I can reveal more. Leaping into uncharted waters with this one, but I'm following the quiet voice that tells me "this one could really make a difference, this one is the one you've been waiting for, GO".
And this evening after a quarterly meeting with my team, we decided it is time to move on an idea we've been considering for years. It's tricky and messy and needs to be executed with the clearest of visions and decisions, but, bottom's time. -----------------------------------------------------------
I've never come to change easily. Small, calculated steps are my game but there are moments when I've had to leap. Tonight I offered a friend some advice ----> the small, still voice is usually the one that leads to the big leaps. The calm voice in your head saying "go, it looks crazy, but it's time" is so often the one that leads to so much progress. Jumps are risky and leave you little time to react but their dividends are often immeasurable.
What is calling you to leap? What are you waiting for?
Pretty peonies with hand painting on each individual petal!!
It's patterns galore for this suite!! Featuring Kristy's trellis pattern made especially for @envelopments!!
Lord we call to you in agony. This world is crumbling, our worst fears unfolding with unimaginable tragedy at every turn. We scream "why, how can this be?" We're confused and angry. Lord help us here to combat the evil in this world. Lift our eyes to you in those times where little makes sense. Lord give the affected families some semblance of peace as they grieve. We will never understand how free will on this earth continues to reflect so much evil instead of light but we look to you for guidance, for our next steps, for our healing. Lord let all the prayers for Las Vegas be lifted up to you and multiplied in their strength.
In Your holy name I pray, Amen.