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Sometimes even embroidery floss has a sense of humor; ran out before I could start the 'o'
  • Half the time when I type it I forget the 'o'. Always need to double check before I hit send.

  • Funny sewing.

  • Love it! Leave it that way...make another that reads "oh" to place in front of hell...reminds me of my grandmother's fave game called "oh hell."

  • @ringosgirl that would be awesome and what are the rules to that game? :)

  • @drygoodsdesign lol it's been a long time since I played's a card game and it's kind of addicting once you figure it out...I just remember being a little girl and hearing my sweet grandma saying "oh hell," and it seemed so scandalous coming from her mouth! I'm going to have to ask my aunt how to play it again bc now I want to play it!

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Went to a very happy place before we head to our next destination today. Now if someone knows danish and can help me translate the rad sweater pattern I bought, I'm good to go😂😉🤓💰💰. #drygoodstravels #copenhagen #uldstedet #retaillove #makersgonnamake
The restaurant version of drygoods; or rather, inspiration for the wet bar at drygoods😉🙌🏼. #barinthebackknittinginthefront #mystopover #kexland #drygoodstravels
The newest collection, Tiger Plant from @makermaker for @andoverfabrics is in and it's weight is perfect for bags and home dec. can't begin to choose a favorite. It we are trying😉. #canvaslinen #makeallthethings #makermaker
Reporting back and done with my #sapporocoat . Already wanting to wear it everywhere. Happy I listened to @papertornado for sizing down. this double knit viscose and the Japanese cotton worked surprisingly well together! The knit is thick so it's heavier and warmer. Both in stock at the shop. #sapporocoat #drygoodstravels you can see it on in stories
Plant babies and fabric babies hanging out and making today a little less depressing. #naniiro #monstera
Still some pressing/finishing and the neckband to complete but it felt really good to almost finish something yesterday. If you're looking for a structured and quick sew, the #sloanesweatshirt from @namedclothing is a great one. We still have a few yards of this bamboo/viscose terry too!
Waking up to the news was especially hard this morning. We don't have the right words but our hearts go out to the victims and families of the victims from last night's shooting in Las Vegas. It's controversial about the solution to mass shootings, but one thing is clear: whatever we are doing, both in legislation and our culture, it's not working. 💔🖤💔
Today's shibori workshop at my house (something I donated to the kids school auction) was a blast and a reminder of how much I love our neighborhood and our school. I'm already up for next year. #supportyourlocalschool #shibori #drygoodsdesignmakes