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Happy Friday!!!

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Checking out @hughesbarbecue midweek menu! The 12 hour smoked brisket sandwich with crispalicious fries is the bomb 😍
Puffle! Bulgogi beef stuffed into a cheesy HK style egg waffle 😍😍😍
Recovering with this mac & cheese toastie, perfect for such a grey day 🌥@toastietoastco
Incredibly flaky, buttery chicken pie from @thecookandbaker aaaand bebeh vanilla cream & raspberry jam donut because, Friday 😉
This might possibly be the best donut I’ve ever eaten! @thecookandbaker vanilla bean custard and raspberry jam donut is so fricken good 😍😍😍
Creamy tartufo pasta with truffle mushroom cream sauce and gooey egg 😍😍😍 @toki_italian_inspired
This #cleaneating tho 😉 The Weds $5 🍔 at @goodtimeburgers with fries, garlic & dill pickles, baconaise sauce and popcorn chicken topper ☺️
Long overdue catchups with @adrianleonard and ordering one each of this incredible omelette with creme fraiche and lip smacking caviar beurre blanc sauce 😍😍😍
One last 🍔 before @publifekitchen closes next weekend 😭😭😭 Farewell guys, see you at @superior.burger 👋
Mid Autumn Festival means mooncake time! Grab a free double yolk mooncake if you spend over $20 at @sussexcentre today! #gifted
Was gonna be good and eat something healthy for lunch but well, @roomiecafe mushroom & truffle cheese toastie topped with an egg was calling to me 😘
Finally tried Cremia 🍦 how awesome is the buttery langue de chat biscuit cone 😍
And last but not least, octopus takoyaki with tenkasu- crispy tempura bits embedded inside 😍😍😍
Strawberry shortcake! Can never get enough of this super fluffeh cake with fresh cream and strawberries! 🍰
Imagawayaki! Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and with a sweet red bean filling.
Get ready for street food spam onslaught from Dotonburi 😂 Giant scallops grilled but super juicy 😍
My fave part of Nara Park, the deer swimming away from the tourists and resting under this massive tree.
So many deer at Nara Park! And so unafraid of humans! And lol deer crossing 😂