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Working on a pixel art illustration for a free insight and mindfulness meditation app over at

The first part of my process is to find a good reference image and trace a greyscale zoomed in image over top in photoshop before coloring.
Mobile game platforms pre IAPs, DLCs, and Internet walkthroughs. We did have 900 #s we could call that cost our moms and dads $3.99 per minute.
Icon sketches for: • user • keyword • research • measure
#ux #design #sketch #moleskine
I found this fella while cleaning out a closet.
My #appleWatch #design templates in #Photoshop that you can download and use at
Just #doodling and trying to learn how to better use colored pencils.
Let's see if apples iwatch can compete with Casio's battery life
Nature eventually claims everything