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One of my daddies in the faith is in the house today: the indomitable Pastor Harvey Carey! Final session for Legacy Conference is tonight at 6:00 pm EST. I am so grateful for the impact that this man has had on my life over the last fifteen years. Jesus is ever in his eyes.
One of my favorite moments of the night: duet with @jreynoldscreative and @kericardinale. Read up on and then buy the new album ‘Fire & Flood’ on @sprigworship (link in bio).
“And there’s no other / There is no one like you / And there’s no other shelter.” @jreynoldscreative
Absolutely incredible night celebrating the release of @jreynoldscreative’s debut worship album ‘Fire & Flood’ available tonight on @sprigworship. Thanks to @oldbearrecords @sprigmusic for the support. We’re so thrilled for you, Justin! Link to album in bio (
I love being the guest lecturer for the New Life Interns today! Having fun discussing how we approach and read this amazing work called ‘The Bible.’ Bring it!
On the sidelines of Eva’s soccer game with my buddy. When that random lens flare just works!
Despite his pious Jewish pedigree, Paul insisted that he was called as an 'Apostle to the Gentiles.' He ardently committed himself to seeing God's new worshipping community take shape, comprised of both Jews and Gentiles—that is, those 'in the club' and those 'not supposed to be in the club.' The gospel, he insisted, was good news for all peoples, as Christ alone had leveled the playing field of class, ethnicity, and piety. Those who didn't deserve to be 'in' were now in, and those who had been 'in' before had some striking new criteria if they wanted to remain. The work that the @unity.bracelet creators are doing reminds me that God views the worth of human life differently than I do. Jesus died to make 'the club of belonging to him' as inclusive as possible; for us to draw distinctions along any other lines is not just ethically and intellectually dishonest, it is un Christian. A fellow image bearer always deserves the same appropriation of honor and respect that I expect for myself, regardless of borders, language, and culture. Following Christ transcends the standards set by lesser ordinations. These bracelets serve as a good reminder for me, and I hope they will for you too. #believewearliveunity #elevatingusa
The one and only @karlmaciag. So tasteful as only he can be. (Feel better, buddy!)
I was really impressed with Dave Riffle's arrangement skills today. He was the glue that held the music together. @upperstorystudios
Today, we hosted the incredible @kericardinale and her band in @sprigworship studios. It was a glorious day of tracking! You are all in for a treat: new Christmas music!
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob and Terrah Widrick, ladies and gentlemen! So proud of these two.
In 1996, I began work on the book that eventually became Rise of the Dibor. I lost my progress three times in hard drive crashes and had to begin again from my journals. The manuscript was eventually finished and published in 2005. It 2017, the real boy Luik is reading about the fictional boy Luik that was in my heart many moons before. I am so grateful for this story, for the thousands of lives that it has touched, and for the one life it is touching right now. God is truly the best story teller of all. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for letting me be a part of your story; you have a great imagination.
What an incredible day at South Jeff Middle and High Schools with some amazing students! Huge shout out to the @campusimpressions crew (and my beautiful wife @jenniferhopper) for crushing it today. I love living the adventure with you all!