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  Posted: Sep 20, 2012 11:26 PM
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Don't you just love to play in the autumn leaves? @theoriginalraechy @msleenyc
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Is it nap time for you little boy?! @HeyMrRio
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Patriotic Pup! This is great! 20% of every purchase is donated to help pair a veteran with a service or shelter dog! >>>Buy link in profile
Just a little puff ball of love ❤️ @greetjeveerman
Who's been there before!? So FUNNY! Does this shirt look like something you would wear? Every purchase helps feed 8 shelter dogs!! >>>Buy link in the profile
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Do you have a pup close to your heart? Remind yourself of that love with this great shirt and help feed 7 shelter dogs at the same time! >>>Buy link on profile
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"I'm just the cutest little baby in town!" @Michjaconelli
"Hmmm let's see what's to eat..." 😳 @goldengirljozy