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wisslaren 264w ago
#chasinghorizon #collab with my Norwegian buddy @aatle! His pic and my edit!

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Heaven can be a place on Earth.
Sometimes Sweden looks extremely Swedish.
One of my favorite autumn experiences was the trip to Kaprun, Austria, two years ago.
Wouldn't mind autumn all year around. 🍂🍁
Close encounter on our first night in Kruger Park. #LifeChangingPlaces
Love the baobab trees. So majestic! Fun fact: during summer these guys have purple flowers that you only see at night. And it's bats that pollinate them! #LifeChangingPlaces
There's a reason why it's called golden hour. Great memories from an amazing morning in South Africa. #LifeChangingPlaces
How much of who you are, is where you've been?
Gesa (@wonderful_wild) and the last light of the day. After spending a few days in Kruger Park with her and the @lufthansa team, I can really understand why she left Berlin to become a ranger here. The African wild is something that you really have to experience to fully appreciate. #LifeChangingPlaces
Had such a great time meeting Gesa (@wonderful_wild) during my stay in South Africa. Head over to @lufthansa to learn more about how she left her life in Berlin to become a wildlife ranger in Africa! #LifeChangingPlaces
The fog laid low over the lake. The sun rose like a golden ball over the treetops. And Dylan, the epic ranger, took it all in in his causal way. A man who more than anything just wants to walk around all day in this amazing park. This amazing place on our beautiful planet. #LifeChangingPlaces