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Will be moderating for a panel discussion entitled Addressing The Threat Of Cyber Crime. Will be interesting and insightful to hear the pointers from our learned speakers and questions from the members of the floor.
Ada tak yang gang dengan Lisa suka minum Peel Fresh? Sedap kan! Senang sangat bagi seorang ibu yang bekerja seperti Lisa untuk dapatkan #kebaikanbuahbuahan. Cuma minum jus Peel Fresh yang kaya dengan vitamin A, C & E untuk mendapatkan khasiat yang secukupnya. Jom cuba? Selamat menjamu makan malam nanti ya?
In conjunction of supporting our local brand, let's mark your dates on the 19th of October 2017 till 22nd of October 2017 for Karnival Usahawan Desa 2017 (KUD) !! There will be #LSForJovianHijab and #LSForJovianPerfume for you to purchase.

Jom ramai-ramai visit booth Lisa at No 555, Hall 4 to receive amazing #JovianRTW vouchers. Jangan lupa tau!

#karnivalusahawandesa #KUD #PWTC #LSforJovian #LSforJovianPerfume
Hi kesayangan Lisa!

Lisa akan berada di #KarnivalUsahawanDesa this Friday (20th of October 2017) dari jam 5PM hingga 6PM, Booth 555 (Hall 4) ❤

Jumpa di sana semua!!
To love your country is to support your local products! Jom ramai-ramai memeriahkan lagi Karnival Usahawan Desa 2017 (KUD) di PWTC, Kuala Lumpur pada 20hb hingga 22hb Oktober 2017!

There will be #LSForJovianHijab and #LSForJovianPerfume at our booth; No 555, Hall 4! Please don't miss this peeps 🙌🏻 #karnivalusahawandesa #KUD #PWTC #LSforJovian #LSforJovianPerfume
Annual bday duo dinner for the October babies MuWiz [17&15] ❤️
Oooh lucky me I landed a 31% OFF discount on the Spooky Wheel! Moms and dads out there, check out these deals on popular kids activities in Klang Valley at There’s all kinds of activities available that you can plan your entire month! Now, which activity to buy for Yahaira… #KidxyFlashSale #KidxyHalloween @kidxymy #sayaputarhalim
These dudes are havoc i tell ya but i have utmost respect for them @hisyamhamid7 @hafizsuip
Happy Birthday Keemy!! Enjoying that cupcake are we?? #nephew
We are joining hands with Breast Cancer Foundation Msia & Majestic Hotel KL in support of the 2017 awareness month. The Majestic Bear is our beacon of lasting love and affection. Every majestic bear purchase in Oct, proceeds will be donated to the breast cancer foundation. Help us spread the lasting symbol of love and affection @themajestichotelkl #majesticmoments
Finally, an event for WOMEN!
Loads of fashion brands and workshops will be showcased in embracing and empowering the modern women today.
Mark your date and join this 28th and 29th October at MATRADE for the Women Fest Malaysia.
Time to save your $$$ ladies ;D

Love 💕

#wfm #womenfest #pinkoctober #pinkoctober
Cousins can work out together too! Badminton last night and Spinning this morning. #theahmadclan
Terima kasih kepada semua yang datang ke Mydin Meru Raya di Ipoh untuk berjumpa dengan Lisa di Marigold Peel Fresh #KebaikanBuahBuahanHarian roadshow. Jangan lupa untuk bawa keluarga anda ke roadshow ini sebab esok merupakan hari yang terakhir! Bagi yang hadir tadi cuba kongsi dengan Lisa aktiviti apa yang korang paling suka? Lisa suka yang Fruit Ninja tu! 🤣 Terima kasih orang Ipoh kerana sporting sgt!!
Had a very special morning with these guys. Thank you for having me. I feel so driven and inspired because of all of you. ❤️ @unicefmalaysia #thisability