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  Posted: Sep 20, 2012 3:15 AM FEED
0 X-Pro II
Various snaps from the day @100taur & I made his set/props for his portrait shoot with @impureacts Clockwise: painted pee pea eyes. Stencil he made for the set wall. 100taur painting his signature hair/roots. Him painting the Funky Fresh.

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My @ransom_mitchell piece “Ready Or Not" at @weswal_gallery Australia for the @marielarkin_ curated show opening Sat. A combo of photography, CG, and digital artistry to achieve our latest Ghost Town image. Inquire with the gallery to purchase. #ransommitchell #ghosttown #WeswalGallery #MarieLarkin
SF is thick with smoke from 22 brutal fires still ravaging much of our neighbors in NorCal. The fire's speed and devastation has been sobering. In the last 3 days, 3,500 homes, schools, and business have been reduced to ash and over 170,000 acres including historic vineyards have been lost overnight. Whole neighborhoods in Santa Rosa are gone. More than 70,000 children are not attending school and over 20,000 people have been evacuated. The fires are moving and spreading so fast some evacuation centers have also had to move. Cal Fire and our National Forest Service are badly underfunded so we only have 8,000 firefighters batting the flames which is far to few to cover the vast expanse of these fires and many people are on their own to save their homes, farms, and livestock with precious hose and well water. 911 is so overwhelmed that even in SF we've been instructed to only call for life threatening energies and unattended flames. The cause of the fires is under investigation with suspicion that poorly maintained power lines and transformers felled from high winds Sunday night might have started the sparks. These are operated by privately held, for-profit PG&E. #nofilter #fundscience #stopprivatization #climatechange #noplanetb
My @ransom_mitchell piece "Almost" for @lovedtodeath x @moderneden show opening tonight in SF. This is the first in @misalignedhead ’s and my new Ghost Town series. Available to purchase now through the gallery. We hope you join us tonight - all of the art in the show is stunning!! #ransommitchell #ModernEden  #lovedtodeath
Stunning piece by Jon Ching at the @wonderlandsf Chillin' Productions show at @111minnagallery
Join me tonight 8-1am'ish at @111minnagallery - I'm offering my @ransom_mitchell art + solo works by @misalignedhead and myself! We'll have loose & framed edition prints, postcards, books, + lots of deeply discounted test prints. We are thrilled to be part of the @wonderlandsf Chillin' Productions - 2 nights of art, fashion, music, live painting and virtual reality. #RansomMitchell #chillinproductions #buylocalart
These cuties are from a HUGE box of @imperfectproduce delivered to my door for HALF the grocery store cost. I'm sharing the wonkiest food in my delivery and @imperfectproduce will donate 5lbs of food to a local food bank. 💛 I'm a new user and so far I give @imperfectproduce two thumbs up! 👍👍 It's easy to customize my selections online and it makes me feel great to help decrease food waste, support local farmers and save money! ✨🍎🍒🍇🍊🍓🌽🍯
Our @ransom_mitchell Summer Sale is almost over! 35% off all prints, already discounted printer proofs and images by @impureacts - link to store is in my bio. Use code SUMMEROFLOVE at checkout. "Heart of a Songbird" (shown) is now available as a t-shirt, phone case and open edition. ❤️ Sale ends tomorrow!! #ransommitchell #supportlivingartists #summersale
WIP detail of @ransom_mitchell 3D sculpt “To Suffer Love” for the @WonderlandSF Frida Kahlo group show opening July 8th. This piece is part of @impureacts & my @ransom_mitchell Living Hearts series. #RansomMitchell #Wonderland #SanFrancisco #FridaKahlo
The impromptu memorial for our beloved UPS driver Mike Lefiti continues to grow. #UPSMikeylove The outpouring of condolences and shock of his tragic death shows what a huge impact he had on our neighborhood. I was lucky to have known him for 13+ years and saw him daily. He knew everyone's name, went out of his way to ask about our lives, honked and waved to us on the street, and he put smiles on all our face with his infectious laughter and kind demeanor. * * * I am still crushed and furious that his life was brutally ended by senseless workplace gun violence. Mass shootings are too common in America and so unnecessary. I do NOT accept that it is impossible to fix this epidemic and in Mike's name I will continue to demand tougher gun laws and an overhaul of the antiquated 2nd amendment. * * * Mikey's heart was as big as his truck and his joyful demeanor and sparkling smile left happiness in his wake. I will never forget him and the fire burns even brighter within me to demand action.
1960s poster from @deyoungmuseum Summer of Love exhibit feels 100% relevant today. ... San Francisco is celebrating the 50 year anniversary of an important revolutionary time in our city's history and this major show has an impressive collection of historical ephemera including lithographed rock'n'roll posters, band photos, fashion, LSD paraphernalia, anti-war + counter-revolutionary pamphlets, civil rights artifacts, and cultural memorabilia. The whole show is a reminder to stay strong! When once again, our country has slipped into nationalistic fever that is steeped with racism, sexism, LGBT oppression, islamophobia, anti-immigrant, xenophobia, and alternative facts (including denying climate change!!) it feels very good to live in a city that celebrates diversity, revels in open-minded inclusion, values science and REMEMBERS our history. #resist #riseup #beaware #payattention #neverforget #summeroflove #thetimeisnow to #swingleft
Spent the day teaching 10-year-olds how to make their #nerfguns more badass. #qualitytime #teachthemyoung
One of our most popular @ransom_mitchell pieces "It Will Be Ours" is now available as a 12"x18" open edition print in our store for $49. AND we've put the edition sizes on sale for a limited time. The link is in my bio! The first couple of orders today will receive bonus tip in prints, and now there is a free shipping option on all domestic orders! #RansomMitchell #SupportLivingArtists #ThankYou