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My #WCW goes out to all the Brave ✊🏾 Ladies (and gents) who have come forward with their own stories of sexual harassment and discrimination. It’s not easy to talk about things that make you feel yucky and ashamed. Big💙Love to all #MeToo
Wishin I could throwback to last week with cocktails and spring rolls with @colleenjbriggs 💙 instead I’m sick at home on chicken soup and banana rice milk smoothies... not as cute or glamorous... so here is hoping that I can venture out again soon 💫
@junesallday served up some dessert dreams last week with their daily ice cream 🍨 which was basically topped with your childhood Saturday morning cereal memories ✨ so so good 🤤 ⬜️⬛️⬜️
I brought home two of these gorgeous babies from my trip to #Roundtop last weekend and took away some knowledge on #Vintage #GlassBotles as well from the @jerseypicker 🤓 Stop by and say hi to him and some other great spots at #TheRendevous 📍 you can spot it by the gorgeous glass greenhouse 💚 Be sure to pick up a Show Daily when you are out there to help guide you along the way! Have fun pickin 🖤 #texasantiquesweek #Warrenton
Vintage Chandeliers.... yes please 🙋🏻 #RoundTop #Warrenton wishes #TexasAntiquesWeek is my favorite time (twice) of the year 🖤