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  Posted: Sep 20, 2012 12:09 AM FEED
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Can you be in love with your own office? #fromwhenceiwork

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The Elwha River flowing into Goblins Gate 👾
Hurricane Ridge is closed until the end of April due to road conditions but the closure meant we finally got to get a good hike in around the Elwha Valley. Started at the Whiskey Bend Trailhead and looped around through Goblin Gates and Humes Homestead...approx. 7 miles.
Ninety foot Marymere Falls. Local legend has it there's a tree stuck in it.
Sol Duc Falls...magical (quite literally... the Quillayute translation is "magical waters" and misty with snow still on the ground for the majority of the hike. Here the mist from the falls catches the sunlight shining through the trees. According to native legend...two territorial dragons from Sol Duc and Elwha Valley fought to a draw, admitting defeat and sealed themselves away in deep caverns. Their hot tears of defeat/confinement is said to be the source of the Olympic and Sol Duc Hot Springs.
Although we'd hoped to hit Rialto Beach at low tide to explore tide pools, it ended up nearing evening high tide by the time we actually made it there and found some pretty driftwood/rock specimens instead. We perched up on a massive smooth washed up stump and watched the waves slowly come up further and further around us.
Took a great suggestion to check out Second Beach south of La Push.
Oh myyyy.... the Hall of Mosses at Hoh Rainforest blew us away 🌱 Moss growing on trees growing out of tree stumps...such a beautiful visual representation of the cycle of growth and decay.
Watching driftwood get pushed and pulled onto Ruby Beach
Aforementioned textural paradise of Ruby Beach. Sculptural installation courtesy of the Pacific Ocean 💙
Swooping around the Olympic Peninsula....first stop: textural paradise Ruby Beach
Extravagant blooms in the Washington Park Arboretum 😍
Meandering the branching pathways of the Seattle Japanese Garden...this place is stunningly beautiful. The entire Washington Park Arboretum is a lucky Seattleites! You live in such a beautiful city. Even the hilly walk to/from the park from Cap Hill was so nice to admire everyone's gardens 🌱
Today we found boats, tomorrow we find trolls. What a great little informational outdoor/hands-on museum of sorts. Wish we could have gotten in on the kids oar-carving class 🚣‍♀️
Sharing this moment with 200,000 people (and my own momma!) in #womensmarchdenver was the first time in a long time that felt like it actually made sense 🤡 ...the INCLUSION and wide ranging support for all walks of life and the environment felt like a real moment....not a moment staged with piles of fake papers and phoney speech writing and science denial. How alienating it is to watch the news or a Facebook feed these days... what a remedy today was // #thefutureisfemale #womensmarch #whyarewestillmarchingforshitlikethis
Birthday weekend/month still going strong HBD @smyjewski!!🐉 🍪🎣🏰📀🍞☠️💛🎈💌
Hard to believe that a few miles into a hot canyon, this place exists in Death Valley. During our hike in we heard the insanely loud heehaw-ing of wild burros echoing in the canyon but never found them 🐴💔
As the days get hotter and the blooms are finding their way to higher elevations, this was the greatest way to end the day. Here (and only here) under the boardwalk of Salt Creek, you'll find the tiny endemic "Pupfish" who can survive the salty waters of Death Valley and live in mud during drier seasons.
The interior of an abandoned train car (turned home?) // Rhyolite, NV