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  Posted: Sep 19, 2012 11:03 PM FEED
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Good friends show up to good and hungover friends with coffee and donuts. ❤️ @linerae 🍩 #prioritizepussy #favoritefriends
Apollo is my favorite cat after Liger. @missspiritual is my favorite Ridgewood songstress. #prioritizepussy #catparty #outkast
This is in a backyard. Shit got real back in the day.
This artist killed a dog on video for the sake of artistic expression. I'd like to castrate him on Facebook live. #fuckyourart
Chloe is enjoying her meal at @chefchloe s joint. Pesto meatball sub, kale Caesar, artichoke dip, a burger, and mac and cheese not pictured. Next up Ice Cream from the sweet spot. #vegan #nycvegan @motherpigeonbrooklyn #motherpigeonbrooklyn