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God thank you.

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Every day they say I might be able to go home and every day they decide to keep me another day. Hopefully tomorrow is my 5th and last day at the hospital. For now all I can do is knit and watch Parks and Rec on my iPhone. #CouldBeWorse
What a nice surprise! This makes sitting in the hospital next in line for an EGD a little less lame.
I've been sick for almost a week, but misery is not an option when I have my love to take care of me! #grateful Also, please pray I can eat solid foods again soon because damn.
I'm sooooo excited to start working with opal 😻
I'm in LOVE with these rainbow moonstone earrings! Gold plated, organic stone. Both sides of the stones shine super brilliant, green, gold, blue and purple. These are going on my etsy store tomorrow for $80 + postage but you can DM me here today any swipe them for $70 flat. Many more pretty things to come. Woohoo! @starlightshackdesigns
Every moment with this guy is a vacation, joy ride, refuge and sanctuary. Even the most mundane moments are joyful. I'm so grateful and happy we found each other 💗
SOLD! Congrats @toyya79 this is one of my favorite pieces!! The stone's glow is mesmerizing and you can see it from across the room. @starlightshackstudio
Look who finally has an instagram for her biz! Please show some love and follow @thelashes2lashes
Gearing up to post items on my Etsy store. Follow @starlightshackdesign check out my creations 💗
Loving the #mermaid vibes on my car with this color shift paint. Want to do this yourself? Follow @starlightshackdesign because this custom paint and many other gorgeous colors are going on sale soon!
Me looking super pale/burnt/ridiculous/happy in Africa