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Unashamed of the amount of GB I'm posting today.

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Still life of bodega flowers
I was terribly sick with a stomach virus this week and my beautiful angel friend @nice_heather brought my medicine and food and sat next to me while I tossed and turned with a 104 degree fever. I am so lucky to know her 💖!! Here is a pic of the time we made slime together 💖 happy weekend everybody
I'm a huge fan of @andorew so I commissioned him to do a lil portrait of me and look at how cute it is!! 💖💕everyone go follow him and give him all of your money!!
It's my birthday today and here is a Polaroid of me eating fruit snacks. Big thanks to my beautiful coworkers for a great start to my day 💖
Alright how many of y'all have bingo
#Tbt to the place that started my bonsai obsession💚🌱💚
So excited to finally reveal the artwork I did for @thadkopec's upcoming album, Shadow and the Caster (4/21). I lived with Thad back when some of these songs were first being penned. I call him a muse because it was during this time that I made the art and music that I am still most proud of to this day. I'm honored to have been asked to contribute to this enveloping and deeply gorgeous album. Cannot wait for y'all to hear 🙌🏻
Nicolas Jaar was amazing last night. I don't really have words for it.
My tonsils are so swollen I can't eat solid foods. Please enjoy this symbolic photograph
Tr*mp rally here today. The girl in front of me took off her coat to pose with her new athleisure two-piece. I Believe[d] in Nashville.
I did the artwork for a new release by @theradialconservatory (which I'm also in). "Lily White as the Back of a Howling's Dog Eye." The link to listen is in their bio! Photo by the always lovely @1_888_667_4578
A quick tiny sketch with new mediums after being out of practice for so long