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New FOOD BITES vid coming soon! Quinoa sushi and jack-o-lantern bell pepper fried rice quinoa cups! Whoa that last recipe needs a shorter name. #eatclean #foodbites

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the flexiest of them all!? 😉 (Not me but I’ll keep trying!) I’m basically LIVING in my new #POPARMY cropped hoodie from @popflex_active! It’s soooooo soft y’all. I’m wearing a legit ☁️. 📸 by @samlivits #POPFLEX
I’m so proud of @samlivits for taking this shot just a few hours ago! 📸 He’s grown to be such an incredible photographer. When we first started, we knew NOTHING I mean NOTHING about cameras, lenses, lighting - NOTHING. And then we slowly picked up tips and equipment recommendations along the way, from friends and other photographers who were willing to share a piece of their knowledge. I learned poses by observing. Trying. Testing. Never be afraid to ask. And always be ready to learn. That’s how you’ll get better. That’s how you’ll grow. Dress by @nastygal. 🌱 #blogilates
Playing around with the ✨sparkliest✨ of veils at @galialahav! So guys, update on the dress! I’ve decided not to reveal my choice on social media so that I can keep it a special little secret until the big day. But I can tell you this...some people will say the dress is non-traditional. But everyone will agree that it’s drama drama DRAMA! 🎭 OMG guys!!! I’m dying!!! I cannot wait to wear it (hopefully a year from now) and show you! Addicted to wedding planning. My Pinterest board is overflowing. I love it. This is so much fun! 🤗
Happy Monday! If you’re following the Blogilates Workout Calendar, today your task is to do the new Supergirl #PIIT28 Workout! 💥 I hid a lot of back exercises in between your fat burning moves, which will help you straighten out your posture and make you look taller and much more confident! Do each move for 45 sec and rest 15 sec in between. Repeat the entire 7 moves, 4 times through for a complete 28 min workout! The full video is on 📹 Bio link! Have fun! #blogilates
You guys! Happy Sunday! ☀️ Today is the debut of the #Supergirl Workout! 💪 The exercises are focused on how to grow taller by improving your posture! So it’s a mixture of back exercises and total body #piit28 fat burning moves. Here’s the lil trailer we put together for the workout! Go watch the entire thing on 📹 (Bio link) #blogilates
Friday was our fifth trip out of the city to visit wedding venues. Each time I think it’s gonna be “the one”, each time I get too excited, and each time I get really disappointed. So after looking at like 7 different venues over the past month and a half, we’re starting to think...”does what we want even exist!?” 😂 I really didn’t expect venue hunting to be so difficult! But, I’m up for the challenge! 💪 I suppose @samlivits and I have some very creative requests. 😉 You’ll see what I mean when I post wedding pictures in the future. To my engaged or married POPsters, how long did it take you to find your venue?
I’m addicted to cardio dance. 🕺🕺 Today the incredibly adorbs @thefitnessmarshall stopped by the HQ to hang for the first time...and proper Blogilates fashion...we said our goodbyes with a farewell dance! 💃 What do you think guys - should I seriously do some cardio dance vids for the channel? Would you watch!?!
Guys I’m so excited to share our latest @besheroic podcast episode which features real life BAWSE lady @iisuperwomanii! Lilly stepped off of a ✈️ and right into the studio to record a podcast with me and @lisabilyeu on discovering your passion, conquering depression, and how to find what you’re really meant to do in life. This is a must listen. 👠 (Bio link) #besheroic
You know how sometimes you look at your entire closet and you feel like you have NOTHING to wear? That’s me everyday. 😂 So tonight when I had to pick an outfit for @ddlovato’s #SimplyComplicated movie premiere, I was throwing clothes all over the bed in a bout of frustration, trying to get super creative with my fashion. I almost ended up walking out of the house in a cheetah print top and activewear pants when @samlivits was like “No no no you’re not wearing that on the red carpet.” So Sam chose this black romper and these red shoes for me. 👠 OMG THANK GOODNESS. He always knows what looks good on me!! So I guess we can add “Stylist” to Sam’s resume now!??? 😉
This is the Ab Box. I want you to overcome your fears and give it a try! Whoever you end up choosing to do this move with...make sure their height is similar to yours! 👭 Or else...your sturdy box will turn into a cardboard 📦 that you left out in the 🌧. Good luck and #poparmy if you try it! I’d love to see! Thanks to @poppilatesofficial Master Trainer @cakesmashfitness for Ab boxing with me! #poppilates
Quick question: What do you guys follow me on IG for? Workouts? Food? Behind the scenes? Stories? General inspiration? I’m having trouble trying to figure out what you guys REALLY want to see. So please tell me! Thank you! 🙏 Anyway, here are 7 total body moves from my “FIGHT FIGHT with Sailor Moon workout” that you can add to your workout routine today. Do each move for 45 sec, rest for 15 sec in between. Repeat the entire sequence 4x through for a complete 28 min #PIIT28 workout! It’ll be a sweat fest for sure! 💦 Good luck!
The last time I attended a Dancing with the Stars 🌟 taping was back in 2007 when I waited months and months to score a ticket to see Apolo Anton Ohno dance! I was a huge @apoloohno fan and a big time #DWTS fan! 🙂 Anyway...10 years later, I get a text from @lindseystirling telling me that she was going to be on the show. I freaked out!!! (It’s also not-so-secretly my dream to be on the show so I’m totally living the dream through her right now.) Tonight @samlivits and I had the honor to see Lindsey and @markballas KILL IT on the dance floor!!!! Omg just incredible. Guys go watch the show (you may see me and Sam 👏 for a sec) and don’t forget to vote for #teamstark! 1-800-868-3407 I already called all 11 times. 😬 Congrats Lindsey! So proud of you!!!!
It was sooooo much fun dressing up with the #Blogifam girls! Thanks everyone for letting me embrace my childhood full costume! 🙃 Here’s the little trailer we made for the “Fight Fat like Sailor Moon” 🌙 workout I just uploaded on (bio link). Have you tried it yet? It’s a free #PIIT28 workout, so go do it now!!! HAPPY MONDAY EVERYBODY! Go kill it! 👊
Sunday nights. 🌜I remember a time when I used to get this sick feeling in my stomach because I was scared to go to school. It wasn’t the homework or projects that I feared, it was the social anxiety. Not being sure who my real friends were and who was saying what behind my back. Then when I landed my first corporate job, it got to a point where I would cry myself to sleep every Sunday night because I was so terrified to go into work. I felt so stupid and so useless at that desk job. I had no idea how to make my boss happy. I was so lost. Towards the end, I couldn’t even trust myself when turning on my computer. I needed to get myself out of there. Once I realized I had to power to change my environment, I quit. And I decided to create my own path towards happiness. I had no map. 🗺 I just followed my gut. I know it’s scary, but you’ve just gotta trust yourself. ❤️ Today, I’m so so sooooooo grateful to feel a sense of ease every Sunday night. Because now Monday means I get to do more cool things at work. Monday means I get to see the #Blogifam. Monday is no longer the worst day of the week, it’s a new opportunity to CREATE. I really hope you’re feeling at peace with yourself and your reality this very moment. If you don’t like it, change it. If you love it, keep doing it. Wishing you all a fabulous brand new week! 💕 #blogilates
When the #Blogifam girls transform into the Sailor Scouts! 🌙 Sailor Moon was my favorite cartoon growing up, so clearly, for this October’s superhero series I needed to do a workout video dedicated to her! 💕 I just uploaded the trailer and the full #PIIT28 workout on 📹 (Bio link). Go do it!! What was your favorite childhood cartoon?
My hair is SO ready for Fall. 🍂🍁 Thank you @beautystylelist for giving me my “Beige Blush” color! It’s so ✨D✨R✨E✨A✨M✨Y✨! Check my IG story to see what the front looks like! #blogilates
When I watched the Wonder Woman movie, I was soooo entranced by the Amazons! An intense tribe of female warriors who trained their whole lives to be skilled and deadly fighters. 🔥 Feeling super empowered, I wanted to create a special #PIIT28 workout to celebrate Wonder Woman and her peeps, so here are 7 moves that you can do to get stronger, faster, and way more powerful! 👊 Do the whole workout with me on (Bio Link) 45 sec each move, 15 sec rest. Do the entire routine 4x through for a complete 28 min workout! Happy sweating! 💦
Mirror selfie with @blogidoggy and my new corduroy jumper cuz I’m so 🙂 to be back home at #Blogilates HQ.
Impromptu dance party because that’s what we do after a #PIIT28 sesh. We work out even more. 😜 Anyone else!? Song is “Sorry Not Sorry” by @ddlovato. Featuring @julesfultz @arieastman @lexilonglegs27 @texaspopster. Should we film dance workouts for you guys!? Would you do it?! #blogilates
This past weekend I was at a retreat that - to be completely honest - I was hesitant to go to. It was a retreat for “influencers”. So my mind IMMEDIATELY started spinning...omg will she even talk to me because I have less followers than her? Will certain girls be super fake to me because they want something from me? Is the whole weekend going to be a social competition? I wasn’t popular in school, so being around “cool girls” for a long period of time paralyzes me.
I know. It sad that that’s what I think of when I’m put in a new room full of people whom I only know from what I see online. It’s not how I want to feel, but at the end of the day, it’s how I feel. I’m very aware of my insecurity, and that’s a good thing. Because that’s always the first step to overcoming any challenge.
Now looking back, I realize that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way! All the girls had hesitations about each other! But once we had dinner, talked about our deep rooted personal issues, and shared our first cry (of maaannyyy that weekend) we actually found friendship! There is SO MUCH POWER is vulnerability.
My message to you today is...sometimes you have to let down your guard a tiny bit, listen, and you will find the trueness in others. As humans, I believe that we’re all here to experience love. 💕 So the more of it we can find and create, the better this world is gonna be.
Thank you @aerie and @darling for inviting me to the #darlingretreat. I wanted you to surprise me, to prove me wrong. And you totally did. Pic by @alexmichaelmay #aeriereal #ad