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  Posted: Sep 18, 2012 6:28 PM FEED
7 Hudson
mick 5y ago
I can safely say no one will be paying attention to my interview. Lol.

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mick 17h ago
Big thank you to the homies at @beatsbydre for having me in to do a custom #1of1 pair of Studio3 wireless headphones. Of course, I took one look at the options @shaun_crawford119 was creating and instantly commissioned a Spider-Man influenced pair for Myles instead. Trying to be a cool dad and stuff. Lol. Scroll thru to see the process.
mick 1d ago
Spent the last 24 hours exploring several Montreal neighborhoods and pretty much loving every second of it. Need to come back here asap and bring my fam. Sidenote: I found Myles a vintage 80s deadstock Sesame Street sweatsuit today.
mick 2d ago
Just got to Montreal. Excited, as I haven't been here in a few years. Tell me some amazing things to see / eat / do / experience. And I'm deejaying tomorrow night at @soubois! 🍾
mick 4d ago
If anybody's getting handsome checks, it should be us. - Hov
📸: @ravieb
mick 1w ago
The Food Lab at @southstreetseaport (and it's amazing aesthetic) is sadly now closed. That balcony would have been an amazing space for a deejay booth, btw. But if you missed the various chef tastings from guys like @daletalde and @wyliedufresne, and are a Chase Sapphire cardmember, this Sunday (10/15) there will be some special culinary surprises at the Seaport @chase Sapphire Lounge. #sapphireonlocation #ad
mick 1w ago
Proud of my supermodel wife @rana for not only crushing @therefinedwoman / @anthropologie fashion show last night, but for dropping jewels on their panel as well. I'm about to start managing her. Lol. 💁🏽
mick 1w ago
Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. 👑
mick 1w ago
Filmed some fun content for my friends at @highsnobiety last week. Definitely one of my daily must visit sites. 🖥 Also, during my move, I found some unworn Grapes fresh out the box. 🍇 Also part 2, it looks like I'm trying to shoot Spider-Man webs. 🕷
mick 2w ago
Last night, I partnered with @Chase Sapphire once again to attend their dinner series at @southstreetseaport Food Lab. This edition featured Chef @wyliedufresne, whom you may know for his amazing donuts. For this experience, though, he brought back his iconic #WD50 restaurant in this beautiful pop-up space. I really wish my office looked like this! Check my stories to see the menu (scrambled egg ravioli!) and vibes. #SapphireOnLocation #ad
mick 2w ago
A fun #tbt to happier times in America when my friends and I were invited to The (pre-Nazi) White House for #SXSL 2016. Sidenote: everyone in this pic inspires me to be great. Follow them.
mick 2w ago
Now playing: "Good Morning" by Kanye West.
mick 2w ago
Three floors of furniture, two moving trucks, and one happy family later - our move is complete. No broken lamps. All my Transformers are still in one piece. And Myles is enamored. If you live in the Clinton Hill area, send us some wine. We need it. Lol. 🍷
mick 3w ago
10 years in Park Slope ends this weekend. Many fun adventures, innumerable amounts of ice cream, lots of BBQ, and a baby were had. As we move to the even greener pastures of Clinton Hill, we look forward to Myles growing up with lots of diversity, even better food, and (because God is great) his own backyard.
mick 3w ago
RIP Hugh Hefner. I had the privilege of deejaying a few events for @playboy over the years, including twice at the mansion. Here I am taking applications to be Myles' nanny. These were obviously some of my more humanitarian, globally conscious, Christian gigs. #riphef
mick 3w ago
Find a workout partner to hold you accountable. 🥊 🥊 🥊
mick 4w ago
It's been so great to partner with @cadillac and @glblctzn this week for their #acceleratechange concert series. Such an amazing organization - and so fun to rock alongside artists like Demi Lovato and Andra Day.
mick 1M ago
Got back to Brooklyn this am, but had a three hour layover in Seattle last night. I'm the type of guy who will plan out that layover to the exact minute in order to enjoy a city. Have the Uber ready when I land, find the best restaurant I can within 20 minutes of the airport, and then pray that PreCheck and Clear are open when I get back 15 minutes before the flight closes. I was craving a really good steak which led me to the highly Instagram-able @bateauseattle and it did not disappoint. I'm actually still insanely full. 12 hours later. I think today might end up being an all day fast.
mick 1M ago
On my various travels, I always seem to be hunting for a cool coffee shop to find my morning espresso. Whistler did not disappoint this AM. ☕️