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  Posted: Sep 18, 2012 4:14 PM FEED
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R. Buckminster Fuller's tombstone. I went looking for this one, knowing it was here. I had expected something more elaborate, perhaps covered with buckyballs, but it's actually quite modest. If you want to know what he meant by trimtab, there's lots of info on the web that can explain it better than I can ;-)

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Psychedelic meltdown in the garden...
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Sweet-smelling flowers from an unknown tree up the street...
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A quiet day at the pond... I'm such a sucker for a view with a water reflection... ;)
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I found this little one in the garden but I don't remember planting it...
Yet another shot of my favorite little red hut...
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Some fuzzy cattails at the reservoir...
Another spring cemetery scene, complete with fake coyote (though it didn't seem to faze the geese at all)...
Lichens and tombstones and moss, oh my!
Some great old cold frames at a local greenhouse this past weekend...
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A house with personality...
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A hellebore from the garden...
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The crocuses are finally coming up!
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Whooooo's there? A squinty-eyed screech owl has taken up residence in the 'hood...
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Some gnarly trees... still waiting for signs of spring...
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I'm dreaming of warm sun and sand between my toes... someday...
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Only 2 days until Spring (officially)...
This was poking out of a snowbank at the cemetery the other day... the only bit of color around...