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Streaming on twitch right now. #twitch #streaming #deadbydaylight #chillstream #varietystreamer
•●Steam crashed right after this post●•
I will be streaming again at 8pm AZ time and will be streaming Friday the 13th for about 2 hours
Waiting during renders... also I'm covered in doggo hair
Finally updated my website... still need to start taking more pics of my shows... but some theatres' photo call don't include projections :( Desktop is best... gotta change the grid because this one sucks on mobile
Grey for 22 days... its only hard to up keep when you don't care.... you find tricks to make it last. #greyhair
Tonight is an 8bit stream of these two games, i finally got them as they were on sale for $1! Yeah a buck. So join my stream tonight. This is Arizona time.
Do you have steam? Do you play friday the 13th or dead by daylight or anything i might... add me

I am also lessdanthree on there
Actually #Streaming today! Playing some #masseffect and later #fridaythe13th possible #deadbydaylight or #pubg
Live now on #twitch
9/21 schedule: 9am-2pm / 8pm-12am
Gonna drive to the theatre bur first a selfie