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It's been a while since I posted but this is the best accessory I will ever own IM ENGAGED #aotd #sundaywasthebestdayever I love you!!
Follow @_thefashionaddict and add me as your personal stylist through Keaton row!! It's so simple jut connect, shop and order! Signing up, consultations and shipping is FREE! Let me do what I loveeeeee!
I have become a personal stylist!! I am working with #keatonrow and have started my own business 100% online! I have published my first LookBook with a few more on the way! Take a look and when you like what you see click the link in my bio to become a client! Oh and signing up and getting styles is FREE!! #kr #keatonrow #ootd #stylist #personalstylist #lovemyshoes #onlinestyling #nextlevelstyling