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User Image marissamayer Posted: Sep 18, 2012 2:02 AM (UTC)

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One of our new Yahoo!s Andrew was really bugged by the registered trademark symbol at the end of our logo; he's gone on a mission removing all the R's from our site and our campus. This is one on the random R's we pulled off a wall :)
  • Thanks for seeing the light. Rs, Cs and TMs are extraneous.

  • Y? Cause it makes UR biz Yahoor vs. Yahoo?

  • 👏🌹

  • 🌹👍MM 💜✌😜

  • Thanks! No enterprise with a (R) on the logo can be trusted. At least by a designer as I am...

  • Maybe it's time to change the yahoo! font? 😜

  • I like how you givin value to your employees. The free food and free phone thing is amazing. Just saw the yahoo T shirt which says 'My CEO is hotter than yours'.. Cool stuff @marissamayer

  • I applied to Yahoo Sports IT job, but I think takes longer than I thought

  • This move indicates a much more clean design shift. And sounds like listening and willing to shift yahoo towards a future thinking company.

  • 💜

  • @marissamayer please improve the UI and UX of flickr and almost all of your products.

  • snass1 5y ago

    So open season on Yahoo! logo poaching?? 👍

  • jkw 5y ago

    of course :-) @andrewschulte

  • Now can we remove those unneeded legal notices from the footer too?

  • wupsbr 5y ago

    It's so great read a lot of articles about this big change at Yahoo!. #GoMarissa

  • Time to bing back Yahoodler :-)?

  • Really excited to see the changes. Following yahoos growth.

  • and end of an era ;)

  • bchmrk 5y ago

    A friend of mine collects unique single 'r' things. as such I am in the market to recycle it for a good cause.

  • bchmrk 5y ago

    A friend of mine collects anything with a single 'r'. s such i am in the market for this 'r'. In case you like to 'recycle' the'r' connect with me

  • zaud 5y ago

    Passion for simplifying = good!

  • Funny!!!

  • a.k 5y ago

    I take it this picture manipulated using Adobe (R) Photoshop (R) Image Editing Software (TM)?

  • @marissamayer Hire me! I'll pull Rs off the wall, *and* be a stellar addition to your marketing team.

  • @marissamayer, I hope you take this as a compliment, and not as an insult: you're the first woman in business that I've truly looked up to as a hero. Keep doing what you're doing. It really is the little things that matter, and the world is definitely noticing.

  • rquiv 5y ago

    You should work on getting your e-mail functioning properly instead of things like this.

  • One step at a time :)

  • @rquiv, I'm sure they're trying. Impact/Effort is key though. This probably didn't take much. Fixing email does.

  • Symbolic design clean up. I like it.

  • Please tell us where we can dumpster dive these and give us permission to do so. Hopefully it's a resurgence of the brand.

  • Nicely done.

  • Awesome. Now how about the exclamation mark, too?

  • Awesome, finally it would look less like a pharmaceutical company!

  • Stop the overly corporate look!

  • @alexkcd haha ;-)

  • Glad to see Yahoo! focuses on stuff that matters and not jumps on the 'improve our stuff' bandwagon. ;-)

  • @say_fun I did a password reset on my dormant account here to award you the keys to the internet for that comment.

  • @alexia covered this story @techcrunch website! @marissamayer

  • Spot on! Great move.

  • Great work!

  • As a shareolder I hope this is the start of great new era. I wish you all the best for the next steps. Go hard @marissamayer ! ;-)

  • Is the exclamation mark next?

  • May as well try and update your svg logo on wiki too.

  • Good luck with improving Yahoo!

  • You should change the name of the company already...fresh start

  • Now this is just the beginning of the Yahoo "ERA"

  • Well your at it take the r off the Flickr logo and remove the yahoo logo, nice and clean "Flickr" will do ;-)

  • rrader 5y ago

    I love this! Although I'm a bit sad all these choice "R"'s are going to waste. I would kill to be able to hang my initials, RR on my office wall. ;-)

  • SHowing progress, I like it

  • hi Marissa - can you remove the silly Rs (yes, both of them) from the Flickr page too? Think this was done during the disastrous Purple marketing campaign in 2010. Thanks! :)

  • u shld use Streamzoo to post this image to Flickr instead of IG (and giving all ad impressions to FB)

  • What's that smoke? No big deal... Just burning all of the R's on Yahoo's campus.

  • Lol

  • flo.yd 5y ago

    wow. awesome.

  • R you serious?

  • Awesome... R like my initial name... and i like purple too...

  • A new Yahoo! on a mission. Lets! :)

  • Nice move!

  • I didn't know how it shapes.. actually didn't need to look at it closely. I think I can like it...:P

  • rfmxyg 5y ago

    Can I PLEASE have some or all or one's my initial of first name "raul"

  • @marissamayer Sell This ® On Pawn Stars & Go See @chumlee_ cc: @biggsieb @chaoticdj

  • I'll be honest, at first I did not like the new font. It grew on me. Then I read your tumblr post. Love it! Great job!

  • Hi Mrs CEO.. I just read about this article: "@harrymccracken: "We own a color": Marissa Mayer on Yahoos 20-year love affair with the color purple."

  • I think its good tha a company has a fav color, but i think its more important that the users have fav features on Yahoo properties.

  • A lot need to be done by Yahoo. In fact there is pretty good chance Y could be the goto place for the latest news like Twitter bcoz Yahoo has contents n Tumblr.. Tx. Ps: i gave some serious concepts to Reimagine Yahoo, whc at the moment looks shaky at best. My name Budi R based in Jakarta. See you.✌

  • Hello, i think this article is great "@nichcarlson: Yahoo made Mayer and other executives available to Fast Company for a cover story"

  • I think Y needs to empower its news (sports tech economy etc) contents not with link but fast accurate easy to understand news contents. It shld have Y characteristic: concised complete. It means combination of text pic vid for better contextual understanding.

  • Once this integrated into tumbler in mobile platform than it a go for a portal like ad monetization. Its not banner, its contextual n customized on demand ads. If this combination

  • If this combination of better content + new innovative ad mechanism presented in mobile platfom works, Y shall grow much better. If not, then other solutions needed. Tx Budi R - Jakarta based.

  • Btw Y needs strong chief editor that shall lead all editor from each news desk (tech sport economy travel etc) to process all news that Y makes n purchases ftom medias. Y needs editor on vid n photos yo curate n make ones. Y needs strong n advanced infographic to xplain each big n important news in a fun n easy to understand.

  • Tumbler shall be the place where the public dicussion of the news takes place. Users discuss n distribute the contents. A vibrant media platform. ✌

  • Mackie Bowe art

  • I want this!

  • Stop ivory trade in japan yahoo!!! 👊👊👊

  • @marissamayer great legacy.

  • Only this is working fine for me. Lol. 😎

  • It is just about right!

  • 😀

  • 100% Boss

  • Fantastic 😍😍

  • 👍

  • Cool shot

  • Have a great day !

  • Have an amazing week !

  • 👋

  • 😮💬😹🌺🌼🌸

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Got to visit our new acquisition, Stamped, this morning - happy to be reunited with Robby (@rmstein) and his team!
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User Image marissamayer Posted: Sep 18, 2012 2:02 AM (UTC)

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One of our new Yahoo!s Andrew was really bugged by the registered trademark symbol at the end of our logo; he's gone on a mission removing all the R's from our site and our campus. This is one on the random R's we pulled off a wall :)
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I love URL's - our cafeteria :) even the signs are cool...
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An amazing (and huge) Calder sculpture at JFK!
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Very cool thread sculpture at TED.
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On a plane, flipping through the paper, and our deal is on the front of the biz section! :)
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The Matterhorn! From my hike today :)
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With @barneyp at the Moon Express launch, privatizing lunar landings!
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