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@j.e.miner Artist's artist, master printer, professor, historian of many genre's.This man's dedication to his crafts is what makes Los Angeles tick. He's helped guide more artists then most institutions.
#graffiti piece I painted in Milan years ago, still riding.
VOLTAIC..... 2015
Mixed media on raw canvas.
Test for a very limited upcoming serigraph
We wouldn't be who we are without those who risked their own well being to help pave the way.
Losé...... 08?
I created this piece after a major siezure.
I discovered rehabilitation through the creative process. By struggling through the details of these lines I was able to spark the necessary focus to re-build.
#art #epilepsy #cbd
#Repost @thomasvictorcarroll
Fire on water!
Thank you guys.

Brilliance - collaboration
9'4" Quad double concave V
@eye_symmetry @rawsonsurfboard
@saberawr ART🛡💛🎏💟
#askingforit #waves #bigkine
Worked with @eye_symmetry on this project/board for @thomasvictorcarroll
Huge honor!

Thank you @maiden_voyager for making me look like a sexy motherfucker!
Sun setting in tropical Dena....
2015. Long Beach Museum Of Art
I tried to fit all the names of people killed by police that year. I quickly ran out of space. Hector was a young man killed by Long Beach PD tagging earlier that year. @lbmaorg censored my piece, would not allow me to finish the installation or post my artist statement. Sprayed letters have potency.....
"LETTUCE HEAD" 04 -Oil on canvas-
Story depicting the domino effect within the struggle for public space.
"Last Stop"....
Oil on panel 08.
700 billion for military. 32 million kicked off health insurance.
Good conversation about cannabis and the new frontier with #cbd and curing #epilepsy as well as my relationship to this plant and the creative process.
Thanks to @thegrowdivision
and @theseventhletter @dopemagazine ・・・
With September, we bring you The Art Issue - an issue dedicated to exploring Art and its place in the sociopolitical realm. We delve into how cannabis has inspired the artists whose murals and graffiti give life to our streets. Featuring interviews with @theseventhletter , @saberawr , @chaz_bojorquez , @kenton_parker , @tat2shae, @sebastienwalker , and many others. This issue will increase your understanding of artistic inspiration, and solidify your knowledge of what it means to be an #artworkrebel.
We’d also like to give a special thanks to all the artists we interviewed and @guerillaone for introducing us to The Seventh Letter
#dopemagazine #theartissue #dopeseptember2017
Beautiful painting.
#Repost @hash_tag_reductive
Complexity in it's simplest form.
#revok @_revok_