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helleuw 265w ago
Recording claps for John blues Boyd, someone's not taking it very seriously.

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Like my pants? 👖:) @bukkalevy extra extra read all about it
Playing tonight with my new jazz rakes! ;) #vicfirth #jazzrakes
Janet looks damn good... just sayin
JANETT!! Sorry, Ms. Jackson... (cuz I'm nasty) I just want some RESPECT ✊🏻
I've always wanted blue eyes 👁(<---that's actually what they really look like...)
AHEM guess where @courtneyknott & I will be on Thursday?? Hmmm??? With JANET! MS. JACKSON IF YOU'RE NASTY!!! #janetjackson #mjfam #stateoftheworldtour
Yayyy Adam! I have known this family for 18 years... :) at Evie's wedding... 👍
Still celebrating my birthday? ;) nahhhhh
Colette! It's you!! @cocoletter