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Sorry for the gross picture, but this is for everyone who didn't believe me. Those black dots are just the spiders from one day, just in my craft room. I was completely serious about this outbreak. (I've sprayed and they're all dying. I've been sweeping dead spiders since Friday night.)

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The third @lunarmusicsupply giveaway...for the drummers. 💃🏼 Enter to win at the grand opening, Thursday 6-9pm!
We hit up Vision Farms in Guthrie with the Wheelers this afternoon. It was super cute! Cora loved feeding the chickens and Dex loved petting Sadie the dog. #thosequenzerkids
Lunar giveaway #2, for all the guitarists out there! Come see us at our grand opening for a chance to win! Thurs. 6-9pm @lunarmusicsupply
I just realized I never shared here, BUT WE HAVE OUR GRAND OPENING THIS WEEK!!! 🎉💃🏼 Join us Thursday from music, food, drinks, and a bunch of giveaways! (Like one of these Lunar swag packs...we’re giving away 5, plus much more.) Come see us!! I’ll be the pregnant one chasing two toddlers. @lunarmusicsupply
We aren’t going anywhere today but we went ahead and pulled out the princess dress and curled our hair anyway. 💁🏼
Nighttime porch hangs with my wonderful husband. #blessed #ketodietworks
Omg y’all look at this precious baby boy. 😭
Those Quenzer kids and their ranch dressing.
She had a pretty solid zoo trip. We love @okczoo!
Annual birthday zoo trip! I can’t believe my first baby is 3 today. I just love this funny girl so much.
One hand on a cupcake and one hand in a bowl of ranch. He’s a Quenzer. (Don’t judge their dinner of potato skins and corn dogs, mom needs to go to the grocery store. 😂)
Can’t even sit on my own damn couch. 😜
Thanks to everyone for all the kind words yesterday on our big news! I truly can’t believe we’re having another boy (y’all I SWORE it was a girl) but I’m so excited to have another baby to love on. 🖤 Now to find a middle name for this kid. 😂 #babyQ3
We celebrated this sweet girl’s birthday today and she had the best. day. ever! She says thank you to all her friends and family who made it to the party. We’re so lucky to have such an awesome tribe to celebrate all our babies with. 🖤 #coraturns3
There are 3 babies in this picture...and for once I'm not talking about Mark. Atlas Quenzer will be here next April! #babyQ3 #3under4 #twoboys #wecrazy #12weeks
Tell me this isn’t the coolest 3 year old you know. She is stoked on her new hair! Thanks Aunt Lala!
We’ll add “cake decorating” to the list of things I do not excel at. 😂 #happeebirthdaeharry #hagridmom
The big kid is at her Aunt Lala’s and the little kid is napping so I braided my hair. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #hairpiercing