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So fierce, even Halloween was 🔥 at our house #tbt
Safe & dry, and feeling so small. This freeway in my neighborhood is a main road into downtown and would usually be peaceful on a Sunday night, preparing for the hustle and bustle that Monday mornings bring.
Something about 🏐 just begs for a boomerang or two...or three!
Less like an ice bath & more like a jacuzzi, but it felt 💯to rinse the sweat off & play in the lake after a long morning trail run!
Managed to snap a few 📸 between 😍 over the beauty of the ceremony & gettin' down on the dance floor. Congrats @ashmerl + Asaf! ✨💞✨ #asafspotforali
Such a fun Friday night celebrating these two inspirational gals, and their colleagues, as they officially graduated from residency! So grateful Baylor brought you both to Houston 🙌🏼 Best docs in town! @monicajmitchum @shwetapai
Texas forever. Visitors from the Capital showing me up with some serious swag. #gotexanday
Thanks for helping us celebrate #gotexanday @rodeohouston! Cowboy Scott drops some knowledge on our team. What do YOU think is the most popular food at the Houston Rodeo?!
Riding lifts & hucking cliffs. Another powder day in Telluride! 🙌🏼 @dannydwatts
This is 26 ✌🏼 Celebrating @jordanburlison last night with a cast iron skillet brownie! #mountainlife
🤞🏼 that we'll have the sunglasses thing down by summertime. ✌🏼❤️😎