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Washington #raysinnewengland

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Milly had a royal meltdown, the dogs were crazy, I snuck away to feed Lyndon in the new Suriano truck in the middle of everything, Dozer chased off some deer, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Doing work and life with these friends is the good stuff. So, so thankful. #nrpteam #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday
I'm so excited for tonight! Every year, we have a fall #nrpteam day. We rally our hubbies and doggies and babies and do a giant photo swap in a pretty field at the perfect time of day for Christmas cards. We yell at our dogs and pass the babies around and make each other laugh really hard because for some reason, we got lucky and all the NRP hubbies are just super funny people. I still have on zero make up, dinner isn't done and don't have a clue as to what I'm wearing, but confidence is the best make up, right? (But seriously - peace out because I only have a few more minutes left in naptime! ✌🏻
My yesterday. 😍 It was sunny and foggy and colorful and autumny and breezy. My last wedding of the year couldn't have been more beautiful in the mountains of North Carolina. So grateful. #nrpweddings
"Live love.
Let love invade you.
It will never fail to teach you what you must do."
- Carlos Carletto
#millyandmama #lyndonandmama #millyandlyndon #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday 📷: @elizabethtate_
We may or may not have been in our jammies all day long, and I don't hate it. Sabbath today before a wedding tomorrow - soaking in these snuggles with my girlies. 💕 #lyndonraytoday
This is me, film camera in hand, ready to hang out with YOU! Tonight at 8 EST!! I'm gonna be teaching a live masterclass that's completely free, all about:
1️⃣ How to actually shoot! + A live demo 📷💁🏼
2️⃣ The obstacles to shooting film (& how to overcome them👊🏻) 3️⃣ How film transforms your photography business!
Just register with the link in my profile and I'll see you there! (And we just might be re-opening the doors of my Foundations in Film course - but you have to be there to find out! *wink*) #shootfilm #contax645 #nrpteam
Have you made a plan for this week yet? I have found that I thrive the most when I take the time to plan out my week at the beginning of the week, then plan out each day at the beginning of the day. On the days and weeks I skip, I feel lost and unproductive. When I take the few minutes it takes to plan and write down my priorities BEFORE they happen, I know what I'm aiming for. This applies to my days at work just as much as it applies to my days at home with my littles. Three resources for you today when it comes to planning:
1. Search @michaelhyatt 's blog for "the ideal week" - it's an excellent read.
2. Book recommendation: What's Best Next - my fav book on productivity and time management
3. Of course my @simplifiedplanner !
What are your favorite time management tips and tools? Leave a comment! 👇🏻
Mid day baths are my favorite. 🛀🏼 (So are receding hairlines 😂) #lyndonraytoday
I have always, always been afraid of natural childbirth. My whole life. And even though I delivered Milly naturally, I was more afraid the second time - I think because I knew what it felt like. Yet once again I felt the Lord calling me to it - not because He's mean but because He wanted me to be free of fear. And let me tell you - He set me free. Her birth story was so very redemptive for me!

I get pretty personal on my blog today as I share part 1 of my sweet Lyndon's birth story. Part two (and her dramatic entrance into the work) is coming tomorrow! Link in profile. 💕 #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday 📷: @elizabethtate_
The other day I asked @oliviasuriano to view some content for the new team course we are launching this fall (sign up for the wait list : link in my profile!). Come to find out, before she ever sent me the links, she asked @calliepittsdavis : "Should I even give them to Nancy? Or should I tell her she's not allowed to do any work and go snuggle her baby?" Y'all, my team is incredible. THAT is why I have a team: so I can be with my family when I need to, so they can keep everything running smoothly while I'm on maternity leave: clients are happy, editing is still happening, the blog is alive and well, email newsletters are being sent. I LOVE them. They fight for my time with my family and I fight for theirs. And all the while, we are building something greater than ourselves and pouring into the legacies of others. And after spending the entire day with them planning for Q4 of 2017, naming all the things that are working and the thinks that aren't, rejoicing over goals reached and refocusing on the ones we didn't reach... Goodness am I thankful. This is the work that sets my heart on fire and I am just so, so thankful. #nrpteam
2 months! She has the prettiest smile and the most gentle, "knowing" eyes. Loving every moment with this little lady. #lyndonraytoday #lyndonmonthbymonth #winstonthedane
I need 8 cups of coffee today because 1. my Milly & Lyndon kept me up for 2 hours last night because of a terrible cough (M) & breastfeeding (L) 2. Milly fought the nap she needed so badly (which is when I too planned to nap) and 3. I'm a mom and I'm tired. 😉 @concordcoffee to the rescue!! You guys. The online shop launched today and I'm all about it. My friend @emilyley and her hubby are doing a bangarang job at their new business venture and I'm so excited for them! Cheers to GOOD coffee and an easy online shop to order from for those of us who don't live in FL ☕️🙌🏻 Follow @concordcoffee for the good stuff!
This cutie is on our blog, and I already want to be just like her. Meet @beccakatephotography , our fall intern! She has the cutest little boy, she wears no make up & looks gorgeous, and I basically want her to dress me with her amazing style forever and ever amen. Her heart is gold, she embodies our core values so beautifully, and she loves Jesus a whole lot. Becca, we are all kinds of grateful for you!!! #nrpintern #nrpteam
I've been sitting in the tension of being on maternity leave and being a business owner / type A personality. These days with my girls have been so sacred, so as I feel the itch to do, do, do, I remind myself to slow down and savor this time that's passing all too quickly. And I also remind myself to be super grateful for every season of life and work that I love so much. #shootfilm #nrpweddings
Today was my first run back after baby!! I took a similar photo wearing the same tank after having Milly. 🏃🏼‍♀️Goodness I have so missed the burn of sweat in my eyes, my throbbing feet, the sun on my skin, and my heart beating out of my chest. It's amazing the clarity I find when I run. The closeness I feel with the Lord. It makes me want to go and do the things that make me feel most alive. And do you know what makes me feel alive and most connected with YOU? Being real. Not having a perfect Instagram account. Not separating my business account from my personal life. Not posting the cutest pic of myself but the one with movement and JOY. I'm a film photographer & small business owner, and I do love to share that love of mine! But I want this to be a place where I can just be ME! Kids, work, books, photography, joys, thoughts. You can find it all here. So I guess this is my version of #fridayintroductions ! Nice to meet you. I'm Nancy! #nancyrayruns
After two amazing weddings two weekends in a row, you better believe I'll spend today in my jammies snuggling these two precious girls, napping myself if I'm lucky enough to get them sleeping at the same time, watching episodes of Friends and doing something simple for dinner. Maternity leave is the sweetest, and goodness am I grateful for the #nrpteam who allows me to rest and be with my family without a worry in the world. #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday #millyandlyndon
The best feeling: falling into bed at 2am after shooting the most gorgeous wedding all day, laughing with @jenmquirk & @izzy_minns & @willrray while eating apple scones at midnight (compliments of the wedding), showering, nursing baby L, feeling my feet throb in the best way after a long day of really good, beautiful work that I love, and finally drifting off to sleep. I've been doing this for almost 10 years and it just doesn't ever get old! Especially when the groom loves Sasquatches and the bride has the most infectious laughter! So, so grateful. #nrpweddings #squatchandsquirrel #nrpbehindthescenes #nrptopknots 📷: @izzy_minns
This little beauty is quickly becoming my best little buddy. Someone once told me to "be a student of your children," and I'm learning how she's very similar yet very different from her sister. It's a big weekend for her - her first road trip and nights away from home! We shall see how good of a road warrior she is 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻! Goodness I love that little face. 😍 #lyndonraytoday
When you're all loaded up to take the girls on a walk and you discover it's raining, you throw on rain jackets and keep going! #millyraytoday