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User Image badgalriri Posted: Sep 17, 2012 8:06 PM (UTC)

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BREAK STRONGHOLDS: watch for repetitive situations that pull you down in spirit
  • Thanks Rihanna

  • Wow this really applies to my life right now thanks yu

  • Am pressed to be able to quote bible passages and give inspiration to others like that you don't expect to see that from a pop star

  • Thank you for the Sincere ENLIGHTENMENT I needed it.

  • ubtean 5y ago

    @badgalriri you know that dream you have where you wish to change at lwast one life for the better? i know you've had it....well rest assured you just did that and if I ever have the privilege of meeting you...i will kiss your hand for being such a saviour. you gave me the right thing at the time i needed it the most. thank you...from the bottom of my heart and soul. 1 love.

  • B,

  • That's a deep verse. Thanks for sharing. <3

  • U don't even know how much this pertains to me girl! I needed this, love u riri!

  • @tray_bay Joyce Meyer.... I believe the book is called starting your day off right.

  • Just what I needed to hear b4 bed!! Blessings

  • Thank u . U needed that

  • kwenzi 5y ago

    Manx nbb

  • It was my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @bagdariri

  • Anybody know what book is riri reading?

  • @iamsortofcool joyce meyer

  • I find the ebook thant riri is reading! Now I start to read too. The last post 17september make me thinking:) thank u Riri

  • For a "bad girl" you're a little too into the bible

  • Even bad girls need some help from god sometimes x

  • You mean continuously being someone who put hands on you???

  • PREACH!!!

  • Baby u are 100 percent right that's why I love u

  • I like it and it my Birthday!!!!

  • Damn dats some real shit ......the devil stays busy smh

  • @zanabaina yeah everything we just been talkin bout

  • Babe u learned from me GodLovesU

  • @lepay i knowww they r amazing

  • Amen

  • AMEN!!!

  • AMEN!!!

  • Where does she get these from?

  • IT'z "Start Your Day Right" app for some $ 

  • AMEN... :-)

  • Needed to read this. Can anyone tell me what book this is from i need to get intune ASAP

  • Start Your Day Right by Joyce Meyer @boss_ross91

  • How

  • Amen!

  • @badgalriri I thank God that He has opened your eyes to what's going on in front and around you. So thankful that you are seeking Jesus. That old devilish satan had you for a little minute, but God is way stronger & has the last say so when it all comes down to it. I think by your grandma Dolly passing, you become stronger & choose right over wrong. I wish you the best, be good riding love you

  • What book is this excerpt from? Someone pls tell me.

  • @gabssterrr it's by Joyce Meyer and its called Starting Your Day Right

  • Amen teach and preach!

  • Didn't u sell your soul to satan and now you're preaching?

  • 🙏Amen!

  • @jae_pie that's the confusing part

  • @americangirl00000 and that's why most ppl don't want anything to do with religion. It's confusing and at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Religion is geography. I like Riri's music but don't know that I can take this kind of hypocrisy seriously; It's kind of like Niki Minaj preaching:/ Satan worshippers preaching Gods word? thank you Batman.

  • @jae_pie I agree. A lot of people read what sounds good to them but having faith goes deeper than that. I get confused when people get scripture tattoos but go out and fornicate, do drugs, among other things.

  • I do as well but don't get me wrong nobody is perfect. Although, when u sell your soul to the devil-that's it. That's the deal; you go straight to hell when u die or whatever u believe. Some ppl don't care b/c they don't really believe in the bible. I'm agnostic and that means I'm not sure. I was raised Pentecost and from travelling around the world it just depends on your culture, history, and personal choice. Free will is certain wonderful. IDK, it's just weird when ppl like that want to preach. Didn't she understand what selling her soul meant? She might as well have spit on gods face. Somethings that u do in life can NOT be undone.

  • What's the point in praying for the soulless? I have a heart but it's getting smaller the more I research about these Illuminati ppl.

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  • Where do you find these "??

  • God is dead go to work

  • lol

  • lol

  • wow

  • lol

  • LOL funny

  • lol

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  • funny

  • haha

  • wow

  • cute

  • hehe

  • lol

  • Haha @ some of the comments people written.., spare time much?

  • Amen! What daily motivation book is this? Pls!

  • Riri is just attention whoring, as always. You cannot just say one thing and do the other right after. Every normal person knows that.

  • Yup!! Ahem!

  • 1corinthians fact read the whole book in king James and the amplified to get a good spiritual understanding my sista..god bless

  • Is this an app?

  • stork9 5y ago

    Watch harder for the ones that lift u up!!!

  • @kreativealyx you don't love God just because you read the damn bible. You love God by obeying his commands. She's clearly blasphemous or u might just be another hypocrite Christian cheers for ur efforts of defending another hypocrite.

  • @kreativealyx I don't know Riri personally, but just saying *you are how you present yourself* in this case, her bible posts are contradicting what how she projects herself all day. Just shows normal thinking people just how confused and lost her personality is.

  • @kreativealyx and *judge* me BY WHAT? I'm not the one who's posting bible verses while dancing around in my panties doing shit on tv

  • @taurus_epitome33 you are soooooo wrong for judging. God says, "come as you are..that means so spiritualy, mentally, physically, emotionally and even financially. She and only she had to accept for her sins under God's Law, which you clearly have confused with Man's Law. We were born naked, there is no harm in being naked, so shall we return even more naked. So how is she being a hypocrite to seek God and seek change...God forgives, all she has to do is repent her sins

  • @z3gangstar I ain't judging nobody. It is what it is. Im paying her for her music, an opinion ain't gonna hurt. And it's not judgement since what you see is what you get from Riri.

  • * @z3gangstar and I'm not saying anything against her *repenting* Am I?! I'm just simply seeing that she posts one thing and says and does the other, ain't that what a hypocrite is? But then again, she doesn't care anyways, I'm wondering why you should.

  • @Allyall! Y'all voice all y'all opinions around for what? Its not 1999 no more. Everybody really needs to make sure their souls are right. Forget what the hell @badgalriri is saying, she made here

  • *herself clear enough all the $$$ people spend on her to put in her pocket and she can't even instagram back.

  • @damn_samn_ that's right *people* us* spend on her hypocrisy and all. U like her hypocrisy. It doesn't hurt by me giving an opinion since I put money on her pocket.

  • Bitches won't exist without fans.

  • Just a thought, but did any one think about what she's saying being a sign and a code , that she's trying to break their hold ?

  • AMEN!!!!

  • 🙏

  • @nadinesaf where does she sing about the devil? Do you have proof she represents the devil?

  • does anyone know what app that is?

  • @rosiehappiness the app is called Starting Your Day Right Devotional

  • thanks 😊 @bm_27

  • @rosiehappiness you're welcome ☺

  • @taurus_epitome33 you have some very valid points....yet it's not always what you say it's how you say it. I really could care less...I don't buy the music or attend the concerts. I am 40 years old and my 20 year old doesn't buy into either nor do my 2 smaller ones don't see videos or hear the music. I, as a parent control the content that enters into their heart, mind & spirit. Although models have a responsibility. If people would stop making it a big deal they would have to change, The burdens fall on the parent or parents. Its not about the music MOST ALL OF IT, any genre, except Spritual music has what is legally and Biblically considered socially inappropriate. From all the entries you've made I see that this is important to you. Be mindful of how you allow things to affect you and take care of YOUR spirit. Time is your most valuable commodity. Onelove

  • Rolemodels

  • @taurus_epitome33 the FCC controls the ON-Air content

  • @z3gangstar in the end of the day it's her life. Judge her music not her life. There are far worst Christians in the world that preach the word of God & then they go & kill people, rape people or steal from people. If someone doesn't like what she's doing just don't pay attention to her.

  • @z3gangstar also a lot of parents like to blame celebrities for their terrible parenting that's why they use the "role model" excuse

  • @bm_27 maybe you should go back and read what transpired before you comment. Thanx

  • @bm_27 aside from that I am my children's rolemodel and mentor.

  • @z3gangstar don't take the things I say in bad way cause it's not. I'm just saying from the things I see on the news. In the end of the day it's her life & like Matthew 7:1 says "do not judge, or you too will be judged". I also want to give you all my respect for being a wonderful parent. I wish we could have more parents like you in this world nowadays.

  • @bm_27 I was telling someone else not to judge her. I admire her strength and tenacity. She is a FORCE, she's fierce and she's fire and she's unafraid and unmoved, I like the fact that she marches to the beat of her own drum. She's like I was when I was her age, but if I knew then what I knew now, I would have made better choices. For the simple fact that we cannot stare at the world through or my Tupac voice...Thanx babe & take it easy out there!

  • @z3gangstar yes I totally agree with everything you said. I'm sure when she gets older she'll regret some things but she can however say she lived her life. You are very welcome its a blessing to see how much you care for your kids. May God continue to bless you & your beautiful family. :)

  • Love this! What is it? I want to buy a copy :-)

  • @sandereck it's an app for the iPhone/iPod/iPad called Starting Your Day Right Devotional

  • @taurus_epitome33 actually more hypocrite are those Christians who preach the word of God & then they go & kill people, rape people or steal from people. Rihanna isn't hurting anyone all she's doing is living her life. More hypocrite is you who doesn't like Rihanna yet you're here commenting on her picture & still buying her music.

  • What devotional do you read?

  • @kirstenku the app is called Starting Your Day Right Devotional

  • Thank you @bm_27

  • @kirstenku you're welcome :)

  • livshr 5y ago

    What app is this? @badgalriri

  • Which Book is this?

  • Amen !!!!


  • Un. Be. Lievable

  • The deep amen sistet

  • Omfg !

  • Dear @badgalriri , I Don't usually do this because I know celebrities are normal people. But all I have to say is that I saw your interview with Oprah and I have gained an enormous amount of respect for you not only as a person but also as an artist. I hope you read this because you have to be one of the realist celebrities to be able to speak about themselves so honestly in front of a person but I'm not just saying it as you being a celebrity but as a person. That is one of the hardest things ever be able to talk about your actual feelings 2. To have it recorded for a large amount of people to see. I respect you so much as an individual making a career out of something they love and I hope to one day as a photographer to reach that level. I'm not a groupie fan but I do love your music and now I love how grounded you are. Keep doing your thang. You and I are no different.

  • @badgalriri Preach!!!!!!

  • @andreacouse 👑✌💛

  • I needed to read this! This was for me

  • sexct 4y ago

    Amen! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Needed this at this very moment. Thanks!

  • great

  • POST MORE OF THESE BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @badgalriri why'd you stop posting these everyday?

  • Don't forget you can't serve God and Mammon ;) you have to live a holy life to go to heaven not just believe in God and think you can make it. I love you

  • @killerc1234 I WAS ABOUT TO SAY THE SAME THING! She doesn't even sound like she's from NY anymore lmao

  • Amen 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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