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  Posted: Sep 17, 2012 12:28 PM
81 Amaro
Our blog team made some new (adoptable!) friends at PAWS! #freepeople #phillypaws #pets #cutecats
  • @bellagattino looks like ness!

  • Cats are cute

  • @pearl_ss I'm pretty sure there's enough of you kids that spamming others' photos to vote for them isn't necessary. Keep that out of here, please.

  • Ounnnn *-*

  • Love cat ><

  • Love cat ><

  • Awwwe Kitty Kitty! 💗🐱

  • Woah awesome kitty! :)

  • zyn_aj 5y ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 sooooo cute I want a cat like that

  • lol >••<

  • Super cute.

  • So cute. I wish I had one.

  • Likee

  • Nice

  • Cuteeeeee!!!!! 

  • Scary lol

  • Cool

  • 😘🐱

  • 😍🐱

  • organ7 5y ago


  • awww

  • beautiful

  • 😷😝 @apa29071

  • Awwwww

  • Awww

  • cute! looks like my cat :)

  • Coooool

  • suuuppeeer cute

  • ^~^

  • 😍


  • Cuteee

  • U can haz my soul kitty

  • Cute

  • iring napud

  • Awesome :D

  • Awww so cute! ❤

  • Cutest

  • Cuteee!

  • I liked it with my nose👃

  • Awww the cutest

  • Cool cat🐱

  • I hear this advertised on the radio all the time. They only ever seem to have unfriendly cats, though (they downplay it by giving some story about how they'd be better with no kids, no other pets, never have company over ever, etc. lol). No wonder they're "Philly's least wanted pets." 😉😏😝 I'm also not a cat person so I'm probably a little biased.

  • @cityismychurch your a dick. I hope someone abandons you someday so you can know how it feels

  • Completely agree with @hasleybaby

  • @cityismychurch A little biased? Maybe just a little heartless

  • @hasleybaby @natassiakc Shut up. My dog's a rescue and I love him as if he were my child. I'm entitled to my opinion as much as you are. They could make these animals sound a little more appealing if they want to get them adopted.

  • Alot of these animals are simply a product of their environment. Being in a cage and abandoned doors not equal a happy animal. Most times, they are completely different and come out of their shell once they are in a loving home and not caged!

  • *does

  • @nikkimotto look how cute! 💛💛💛

  • @hasleybaby Sorry, but your first post made it sound like you could care less. No animal deserves to be abandoned...whether you're a cat/dog person should not matter. And being abused/abandoned can make an animal scared of humans, that doesn't mean they're unfriendly

  • @natassiakc It wasn't @hasleybaby that made the unbelievably insensitive comment, it was @cityismychurch.

  • @choves I guess I'm insensitive because I'm mocking the radio commercial for this place? Right.

  • @natassiakc You're reading between the lines and translating things I did not say. I was criticizing the way the radio commercials describe the animals. Never did I say that they deserved to be abandoned or shouldn't be adopted. I wouldn't adopt a cat because I already have a dog and don't like cats, but these commercials don't exactly do much to change my mind (which you'd think would be the goal).

  • @cityismychurch I am a paws volunteer and I assure you there are more friendly cats than not. their preference descriptions don't mean they're not sociable or nice, most of them just prefer a less stressful environment than a home full of toddlers.

  • There's always some drama on poor Free People's posts. People just think they're negative opinions are so important and that the rest of us should get to read them.

  • This thread is really entertaining

  • @cityismychurch when you say "no wonder cats are phillys least wanted animal" you can't be blind to how insensitive that is. also in your first post you claim they downplay the cats personalities by using phrases like 'would be better in a house without kids' but in your latest post you say youre critiquing the radio for not downplaying it enough? I mean what's you're real problem/opinion here? I don't think anyone should lie to a potential family about the nature of a possible adoptee. the goal is to find a home best suited to its needs. and by phrasing that as an environmental need, not a problem, they can better ensure a good match and a happy family/pet

  • @nmclark8 I didn't say cats were Philly's least wanted animal. I actually never said anything bad about the cats, just the commercial. You all think you're going to make me feel bad because of my "negative comments," but even in my original I was hoping the use of emojis would help you all to understand I was just poking fun at these annoying ads. If you all have the right to attack me because you didn't like the comment (which you completely do), then I surely had the right to make it in the first place. The only thing that bothered me is people putting words in my mouth (or, rather, in my text maybe?).

  • Anyway, @ginapolito_ I always wondered when I heard these ads on the radio if you all have dogs also, or just cats.

  • @cityismychurch we have a few small dogs at the adoption center (olde city location) but most of them are at the greys ferry location (2900 greys ferry ave). PAWS has plenty of cute dogs waiting for homes there - not to mention PAWS has a ton of awesome cats and dogs in foster care. You can see all the adoptable animals at 🐶🐱

  • @cityismychurch go up to your original comment and reread it bc you seem to be forgetting some key statements

  • diasa 5y ago

    Look @ what we got here @rojosantos u wanna get a cat before we get a dog together even though I'm not too fond of that we could get a biddy together :)))

  • @nmclark8 That's what happens sometimes when you're talking/typing while thinking I suppose. It was silly of me to think there could be a discussion rather than an argument about it. I could've been clearer about what I meant, but I didn't expect people to take it so serious as to pass judgment. I would've expected the girl who volunteers there to take the most offense, for example, but she was actually friendly and helpful.

  • @brittneylaurel Eh, words don't always come out quite the way I'm thinking them in my head. I don't think it makes me stupid, just human. It happens.

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • Whoa everyone is being pretty sensitive... Cute cat but there is plenty of things to worry about besides people anonymous comments about trivial conversations

  • @yokateryan I thought this was your cat.

  • Beautiful cat. Missing mine

  • @cityismychurch oh I'm sorry I must've misinterpreted your rude first post as an attempt at an open minded conversation especially the part where cats are the least wanted animal and you're a biased non cat person... its obvious it was conversation you were looking for!

  • @nmclark8 The radio segment is called Philly's Most Un-Wanted Pets. 😒

  • We adopted our Kitty :)

  • woud 5y ago

    Looks exactly like my cat

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