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  • oh for fuck's sake. i can't take this is any more. i'm SOOO HUNGRYYY!!!! 👺

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First loaves baked at the new restaurant, very excited about the result! 100% Swedish spelt sourdough
Our current chocolate service 😍

#Repost @bjornfrantzen ・・・
Chocolate truffles - Part of the mignardise menu served in the rooftop living room - Flavored with caramelized cep, tarragon and pig's blood with lingonberry, Frantzén
Very excited to have finally found some super dope Japanese food in Stockholm #mamawolf #supertasty
Nothin better than when you're having a kinda shitty day but then you find a Peruvian food truck at 2am and they have the best soda ever 🙏🏻❤️