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That there is a Saffron & Cardamom Pear Danish #homemade #rememberthosepearsimadelastweek #omgthedeliciousness

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Started throwing today but just couldn’t find my mojo.
Some days in the Studio are like that.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
Little Milk pourers to go with the Coffee Pour over sets.
So hot in Melbourne today that these have all been thrown & trimmed in one day.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
I can’t help but think of Moomin Pappa when I look at my Coffee pour-over sets drying
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
Having the best time developing the Blues in my studio work.
This line test was something I was working on during my glaze course @mercatorceramicsschool .
I made this test at the end of a long day using the long lost Left side of my brain. I realised too late that I had made what I thought was going to be a critical error.
I expected failure.
And then beyond all my expectations came the most gloriously exciting results.
I am BEYOND overjoyed.
I can’t WAIT to work more with these results.
Kevin you have turned me into a Glaze nerd!
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
I spent the day with my new bestie @kevinboydceramics doing a Raku workshop today.
W O W!
So in love with this technique.
And so incredibly grateful to Kevin for sharing his time & expertise with us.
Such a warm & generous human.
I *may* have cried when this vessel in the middle with the red copper reduction came out......
So it seems I am now saving for a Raku kiln as well as a larger kiln for my regular work☺️.
These are the three vessels I created today using various Raku techniques.
Thanks so much @studioartemis for facilitating this incredible day.
Fresh from the kiln this morning.
Sooooooo happy.
Ramen bowls, Tea Tumblers, Dip bowls in Blue Moon.
I LOVE how the glaze varies across the bodies of these vessels.
Really excited about these.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
Blue polka dot Tea Tumblers & Dimple jugs, also out of todays Kiln unpack.
Really thrilled with how these have come out.
All of todays vessels will be released in my online store in the coming weeks.
I’m putting together a large batch which will be the last big release of my ceramic vessels before Xmas.
There will be a variety of Coffee bowls, Tea tumblers, Butter Keepers, Jugs, salad bowls, Dip bowls and other items.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
Ramen bowls fresh from this mornings Kiln
Measurements are approx:
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
It was the last day of school holidays for my littlest 2 kids yesterday.
We spent the day in the city.
First we took a really daggy but super great boat tour of the Yarra River, followed by an icecream, a run around Fed square & then a quick squizz at the Ian Potter centre.
We had the best time.
Pictured are my faves from yesterday.
Looking forward to heading back in sans enfant to look at each painting for more than 1.4 seconds😂😂
This lot are in the kiln for their Glaze firing.
Excited to see them on the other side.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
I have finally bitten the bullet & changed my Instagram name.
It’s been a while since I moved on from my former life as recipe writer & family-life blogger come Cooking class teacher, food business operator etc.
Having re-embraced my former pre-children life as an artist, it seemed fitting to change my Instagram name to reflect that.
Same same different.
Still me.
Always me.
#andyestherewillstillbeinstarecipes #andmyrecipeblogstillexists
Slow cooked Lamb shoulder.
Putting tomorrow night’s dinner in the slow cooker before I start tonights.
Tonight we are having an old fave-quick & delish Chicken Tikka Masala (i have popped a link to my Chicken Tikka Masala recipe from an old blog post in my profile- click the link in my profile).
Here’s how to make this Lamb shoulder:
All these ingredients just get chucked in the slow cooker & set to auto.
Cook overnight.
•Quarter an onion
•slice 5 spuds into thick slices
•chop 5 cloves garlic
•add 3 stalks parsley
•2 bay leaves
•4 anchovies & a tablespoon of anchovy oil (Lamb & anchovies are a match made in heaven)
•slice Lemon into thick slices
• quarter 2 fresh toms or add a can of chopped toms
•add a cup of white wine
Tomorrow you can pull apart the lamb shoulder & Serve with good Souvlaki bread & Tzatsiki
It’s really been a really warm day in Melbourne today, which means I have been able to throw and trim all 30 vessels I made today.
This stoneware clay body is very dark when it’s wet but fires to a lovely light sand coloured clay with beautiful textural qualities.
I’m really excited about these two new vessel types that will be added to my range.
Tea tumbler & Dip bowl.
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
All my shelves are full😫.
I’ve thrown two full shelves today💪🏻.
Forced downing of tools until some of this stuff is dry enough to fire.
Shelving (or never enough of it) is the bane of every Potters life.......
#ruthbrutenceramics #australianceramics
Let’s call this....
“Makin’ shit in the shed Sunday”
While I’m out the back in my studio, Guy & our littlest lad are in the shed doing woodwork.
This mornings work so far.
I had a ghastly sleep last night.
More like non-sleep😫.
Awful nightmares & general insomnia.
Needed some clay therapy so spent an uninterrupted hour throwing some more Tea Tumblers.
It seems people were evenly divided on Blue polka dots vs Hyacinth blue decoration so I’m going to make versions of both!
More beauty at @mercatorceramicsschool
The magnificent porcelain Porcelume pendants lights of Colin Hopkins.
I am in awe of his work. Anyone who works with ceramics understands the incredible feat it is to create work like this. You can see more of his process in his Instagram account @porcelume to get an idea.
Something to truly admire.
Apart from the incredible knowledge that Colin & Ilona & Kevin share in the Studio at @mercatorceramicsschool for which I am incredibly grateful, I am constantly stopped by little pockets of beauty all around me.
What a space! Sooooo so beautiful.
In this shot it is the magnificently beautiful brush hanging near the sink, that has stopped me time & time again.
I mean......look at it! *sigh*