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fagatron 265w ago
#barlife no filter, unless beer goggles count as a filter

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Seriously, if your dog isn't allowed to shit on my bike trail what makes you think your big stupid horse can? I hate horses 🚫🐴
#princessramona keeps jumping on the coffee table so I turned it sideways and the cute clutz did this
Rearranging my #UtahJazz memorabilia collection and can't possibly get all of it in this pic. Jesus Christ
Thanks @lancesaunders for the postcard! There's now a dick on my fridge
When u trying to sleep in but the fur babies need food #princessramona
So, I'm gonna be emceeing the @urbanloungeslc shows this weekend. Come heckle me while I make fun of some local bands #crucialfest
Floyd and Connor ain't got nuthin on #princessramona vs Ender
Before there was pornhub, there was this
I haven't posted #princessramona in a bit and I can't tell if this is dirty or not #polydactyl #cheerupamerica
The peppers in our garden are doing terrible this year, good thing the giant green dildoes are thriving
So crazy to meet the lead singer of Megadeath today. He's not as metal as I thought he would be
This is my All/Descendants tattoo @alex_hinton did about 20 years ago (he's slightly better at tattooing now) still one of my favorite tattoos and bands, super pumped for the show tomorrow at the depot!