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Intense root beer drinking!!!

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A lot of the farms at the farmer's market today were impacted by the fires, but everyone was smiling and happy. These buddies made my day. #sunflowers #supportyourlocalfarmers🌻
Even though the entire house is strewn with dead toy carcasses she actually hasn't had a new one in a very long time. I think she likes it. #donkey
Bring me all the babies so I can snuggle them!! 👶💕
It has literally been one disaster after another. It's easy to get into a negative headspace about it all because it feels like every day we wake up to a new fresh political hell or another natural disaster. But in spite of all of it, the thing that gives me hope is seeing the way everyone bands together in times of crisis, humans helping other humans. Despite the divisive and downright cruel and immature rhetoric coming out of the White House, we are a country of people who want to help each other. Let us not forget that. ❤️ #silverlinings #loveeachother
Using this New Moon in Virgo energy to manifest some serious life changes! #altar #newmoon #manifest #magiceveryday
Nosy Rosie, always keeping watch. 👃🏻🌹