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#filters Creepy picture @travlee took of me.

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On the @miked #Echochamber podcast that posted yesterday. When I was 15, I must’ve listened to #TheBeastieBoys #PaulRevere song about 10,000 times that summer. Funny to relive it with Mike D nearly 30 years later and talk a lifetime of music. Surfing, music, art, etc. all break down barriers. If the world’s leaders would sit in a room for 5 minutes and look each other in the eyes and talk about things they have in common or love, I think all this shit would get sorted out pretty quick like. I wish more of them had the balls to cause they’d probably really enjoy the company when the rest is put to the side. I’m really just talking about a podcast but what you think about that?!👇🏽
A huge thanks to all the surf shop retailers carrying @outerknown’s #ProjectNomadic line and to everyone supporting our #SustainabilityForAll campaign. We’ve listened to your feedback from the first two years since brand launch and created an affordable line specifically for surf retail while holding true to our principles around sustainability. We never set out to be a plug and play brand. We’ve handpicked everyone involved in our supply chain making it a painstaking process to do right by the people who work with us and those who purchase our products. I/we believe it’s better to set it up the right way than to have to turn around and clean up the work we’ve done later on. So thank you to everyone who has stuck by us through this process and been patient with our timeline. I remember the excitement of getting my first pictures in magazines. Now to see my company (and mug) on the storefronts and to know it’s something we’ve all worked for years to make happen is a very rewarding feeling. Anyway...yesterday was my first run through some of the shops with the product. It was fun talking story and getting to meet everyone at the shops. Looking forward to more in the near future. 🤙🏽🏄🏽
Teaching @coronakingsley off-the-tops last night and feeding vicious, wild animals. Thanks for dinner, @yadin_nicol and Bella.
You may have already seen this posted elsewhere but...YOU could join me at the @WSL Surf Ranch with our latest giveaway! If you win, I’ll be your coach and you get to use the property for you and a friend or two for an entire day. All funds raised go to #Americares and their hurricane relief efforts. All flights and accommodations will be covered. We recently finished hosting our last winners of the #GoldenTicket giveaway and they had the time of their lives so I can’t wait to see who wins the trip this time and know the fundraise will help a whole lot of other people in the process. Just hit the link in my bio or go to TODAY. @omazeworld @kswaveco @americares
What a pleasure to be invited to play golf on #TheOldCourse at #StAndrews as well as #Carnoustie and #Kingsbarns this week at the #DunhillLinks Pro-Am. My Third trip here and although my pro didn’t win like the first two times, we had a blast and I met lots of good people. A few more swells in these parts and I could be convinced to stick around a few months a year! Thank you to the whole team running the event here and congratulations on setting the standard for all other tournaments to match. Good luck to the #UniversityOfStAndrewsSurfClub and great to have met you all. One of these years we’ll get a surf in. I’m sad it’s already come to an end this week but I’m already looking forward to next year!
Last night with the #UniversityOfSaintAndrewsSurfClub . Good to catch up with this crew and see the surf stoke is alive and well in the land of golf. 🏄🏾🤙🏽⛳️🏌🏽‍♀️
A quick shoutout to the @mendesbros and @artofjiujitsu. Dropped them a board the other day to say thanks for a few lessons over the years and for taking care of so many kids in their program. One of many thanks I owe my friends in the BJJ world.
I think I'll hang out right about here for a while...
Happy anniversary, my love. Beautiful as ever.
Fun night last week at @theohanafest. Already looking forward to next year. Thanks to everyone who supported it! Who you wanna see play it next year?!
In memory of all those who needlessly lost their lives both on 9/11/2001 and since. State your personal memories/feelings below. 👇🏽😢 Please be respectful.
@zandervenezia By all accounts you were as good a friend as you were a surfer...thank you for the impact you had on those around you for a life lived with joy and purpose. And thank you for taking this photo with me when you were 5. I will cherish it always. @louis_venezia sorry doesn't cover it. Words cannot suffice for your family and the loss of a son. The grief felt by so many is felt around this surfing work of ours. Much love to my #BarbadosFamily. #GoneTooSoon #ZanderVenezia •For those who don't know, Zander passed away while surfing today after catching what he said was the best wave of his life. He was knocked unconscious when he hit his head on the reef, possibly braking his neck and taking a long hold down for a number of waves. Friends and fellow surfers aided in a rescue attempt but his injuries were greater than could be addressed making him the first victim, by default, of #HurricaneIrma.
@gerrylopezsurfboards it was fun to watch the eclipse with you and an honor to have you christen #TheLeft at @kswaveco #SurfRanch for us. Thank you from our entire team. And a special thanks to all the people behind the scenes who have helped make this dream and idea a reality over these past few years. It can't be legal to have this much fun! 🙌🏽🏄🏽🌚@wsl
Please join us at (link in bio) for the second version of our #Continuance series filmed in #Jbay, #SouthAfrica last month. Thank you to @outerknown, @alekparker, @toddglaser, @bonfirebeachkids, @chuffle_fries, @cbergquist, @paintshopla, @groupefforts, @themackays, @braamdutoit, @angie_kerzner and a host of friends who made a bad situation for me otherwise enjoyable and productive. Also a huge thank you (and invitation to follow) to @surfersnotstreetchildren for sharing their personal stories and dreams for the future. You guys rule! @glblctzn
He's lucky my foot is broke as a joke! @mikebisping don't want none of this!!! @danawhite I'm coming for @thenotoriousmma's @ufc belt next. Maybe not though.👊🏽😬 Repost @pmtenore. @parilloboxing @vitorbelfort @purps @konavland @drpurps @zachneminsky