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My little Eagle playing pool! Stealing my heart....Go Birds! Good win today ;) #EAGLES

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Random pic but do you know what?? I think we always try to post the glamorous, happy, positive times in our lives to share with others. At least most of us do. That's not a bad thing. However, life is not peaches and cream all the time. Life is hard. We all have our battles. It is what makes us who we are though. These times build character. Hard times will come your way for the rest of your life, it's a given. I personally force myself to get through some days, especially lately, and I feel like by sharing this today it is actually a good thing. Getting lost is ok. Not being ok, is ok. I have very high highs and very low lows. That has made me real and deep and has made me who I am and I'm proud and ok with that. It is not a weakness to feel! It's how you come out of it that counts!! Stronger, bigger, badder through every experience! 💥
Today, I start a new journey. Perfect timing as usual Universe, thank you. ☕️🌹👠
My best friend, my sister of 35 years has lost every thing in Irma. EVERYTHING. Her house will be gutted to the ground. Complete devastation. This is the best family you will ever meet, her husband happens to be my favorite human 😀 they just loaded their own moving truck up (E3 Delivery) weeks ago and drove all the way to Houston to drop off supplies after Harvey hit. Now it's our turn to help ... I am accepting gift places mostly or Home Depot maybe .... anything!! Message me or text or comment below. They have two sons, 12 and 16. Thank you if you have read this far! I love you all!! #irma #hurricaneirma #florida
I honestly don't know how I will live without you in my home. I don't remember life without you right here with me. 🎓
Tough isn't even a strong enough word for me when I get like this. Hey Life, I win. Every time.
This This This!!!!! 🙌🏼 My workout partner's phone is off! Do I bang on her window or let her sleep?!!! 🤔#workout #positivevibes
You be the sun,
I'll be the moon-
Just let your light come shining through;
And when night comes ,
Just like the moon,
I'll shine the light right back to you. 🌚🌝 @reannanicolephotog.
#moon #life #nature #photography #ocean #sun
So this happened today. Turned my Elliott into a camper and Finn and I headed South. He is becoming my best friend.... he had my back today. I believe a dogs love is the most unconditional love that exists. 🌙 ✨ 🔮 🐶 ✌🏼 #peepsteventyler #love #smile #everydayisanadventure #florida #goeagles #goodvibes #steventyler #dreamcatcher #honkytonk #roadtrip #coastline #a1a #chihuahua
The halo must come off
In a dark hole I crawl
This is where I bawl
I'm out, I'm coming back up.
Slip it back on with grace.
Which grace? You decide.
On the way back comes reflection. ~I'm a badass. Tough times make me tougher.
Why can't he be close 😭😭 All boy right there!!
The biggest surprise in the word came walking through the door of my work tonight unexpectedly!!! This is what life is all about! #family #happytears