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Reality check and a somber note on this Taco Tuesday. As we planned for tacos last night in Mexico City's hipster Colonia Roma (one of the hardest hit areas from the recent quakes), I saw this. Instantly, I remembered complaining earlier in the day about being "starving" because there's "so much good food here." Then I came across these two sites and walked down a street where I heard sobbing and watched family and friends dressed in black hugging after a funeral of someone who could have died from the quakes. The sting of my selfishness and concern for frivolous things was intense. How ridiculous and over exaggerated (who me?!) I was. Especially in light of the suffering from lives displaced or destroyed right there all around me. How insensitive! I experienced on that street for a brief moment the pain and sorrow of those impacted by the disaster. Big reality check for me. Have you guys ever felt similar? Almost as instantly as I felt this, I remembered being powerfully moved by this quote we read at church the day before from Gordon Hinckley, one of my favorite leaders. We were in a church class with local Mexicans in Roma who were the same people who, just a few weeks ago, dropped everything to run and help rescue and rebuild the lives of their neighbors, friends, family and strangers. Caring for each other as sisters and brothers. Inspirational examples that humbled me and brought me to tears. And whether it's Mexico, Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, Costa Rica or next door. Really made me think: what do I do to ACT on those divine gifts of empathy that I have in my heart??? One small thing we're doing in my churro business is to fundraise for earthquake relief in October—but what ELSE can and should I be doing?! And I'd love to find out from you too...what do you do? Those feelings are in your hearts as well. What habits do you have? What resources do you use? Organizations you support? Service you give? How do you keep this feeling alive in your lives regularly? Please share (if you're still reading this...ha!) so we can all learn and gather more ideas, rescources and inspiration to keep those feelings ALIVE and ACT on them.
When you go on a Saturday afternoon "run" though historic downtown Mexico City. Don't consider myself a runner but I run/workout to eat...ok, and runs are always great for me to clear my mind and process. Spent the last few days here with a truly remarkable, kind, fun, brilliant group of friends and entrepreneurs brought together by @convoi_. Amazing connections and memories. And of course, in the spirit of the @searchfortheperfecttaco, found some killer post-workout recovery tacos I ate in honor of our @convoi_ squad (wish you guys were here for this!). #convoiCDMX #CDMX #recoverytacos
Ok I know it's September and ain't nobody got time for winter yet but snow capped mountains while you're running in shorts is pretty beautiful. But...#comebackfall #notready
In the naaaaame of love. #u2 #joshuatree2017 #phx Un. Real. Dream decades in the making come true with @theflav where it all began. (Fueled by @tacoschiwas of course!) @searchfortheperfecttaco
Amigos...I need your help finding the best! @sandiablochurros is growing! If you or anyone you know would be an awesome addition to our dynamic team and live in the SLC/UT County area, please contact me ASAP. Seasonal and on-going positions open: Artisans, event planner, sales/celebration outreach, social media engagement. Churro on! #heavensent #wickedgood #hiring
Decided to try something on my run yesterday around Central Park to keep my mind off of the killer heat and humidity. 🏃🏽💦As I ran, I said "Good morning!" about 112 times...curious to see how many reciprocated. Between nods, grunts, a fistbump and verbal "Good morning"s, I got 74 replies. Not too shabby NYC! #supernerd #goodmorningNYC #NYC #centralpark
If you have spent 0.5 seconds with me, you know how ridiculously attached I am to my planner (thanks Jay Brady). I mean, I forget my name without this thing. My brain on paper (scary). This is the latest chapter in the heart-attack inducing lost planner saga that seems to rear its ugly head every year. This time, after retracing my steps and having the kind people at @homedepot and @mindybooth turn everything upside down in the search, I turned onto 114th south to discover my planner exactly in the middle of the road. So grateful for the dozens of cars that smashed the pages so securely into the asphalt that not even two hours worth of traffic moved it. That @day_timer's a champ! So so happy right now. #prayersanswered #skidmarks #nopagesleftbehind
This would've made the best slow mo video! Here's the aftermath when a semi cuts you off and your cooler full of Mexican Coca-Cola and water from the backseat goes flying and explodes on your dashboard. Bonus points if you can spot the yogurt splats, hundreds of coke drops, shards of bottles, missing radio dial, fugitive water bottle. 🤣😩🤣#foodtrucklife Bahaha!
Posted: May 16, 2017 6:06 AM
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Like Mom always taught me: Better late than never. 😁 This is from one of the kids in our church primary class yesterday. He took the words right out of my mouth. Love you so much, Mom! #agszampl #adatood #mothersday
When @kelli_oswald and @alyjenkinsfineart sneak in early to our @sandiablochurros training last week to create this masterpiece of epic extreme food proportions. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you what they surprised us with...possibly the first-ever #ChurroBurger. Over-the-top crazy good. Epitome of unexpectedly delighting. #deepfriedhappiness at it’s finest. Churro “bun” surrounding an @innout #doubledouble with grilled onions. Are you joking me?! (Backstory: when Kelli interviewed to be a churro artisan, she answered our very important question “Can you describe the best food that’s ever been in your mouth?” Without hesitation she told us all the details of her fave—the double apple fritter bacon cheeseburger. #drool. This became the inspiration for the churro burger.) Above and beyond! Wow.  #thinkoutsidethebun #heavensent #wickedgood #bestteamever
Comedy hour/customer support session here with mom, Linda and the G-rents shuffling into line at InNOut. Gpa: "An emoji?! What's an emoji?" Mom (a recent emoji enthusiast making great strides) to Gpa: "An emoji is a little picture that you put with a text like a happy face." Gma and mom "fighting" over who's going to pay. Mom to me: "You only got one double double protein style. Are you sure that's going to be enough?!" Gpa: "Gosh! It's cold in here!" Mom to me: "Don't kick Linda's leg when you sit down!" [Linda just had knee surgery] Gma: "So I have a basic phone [opens her flip phone #relic] but can you show me how to retrieve my messages?" Gma: "Oh! They forgot to put pickles on my burger." [Mom goes to ask for more pickles] "Oh...they DID put pickles on my burger." Gma pointing to the framed pic on the wall: "That far one on the right is just like the car that my grandpa Anderson gave my mom after he died. And that's the car Gpa and I drove through Death Valley to move to Flagstaff from LA when we were newlyweds." Mom to me: "My phone used to do come it stopped doing it?!...Wait! What did you just do?!?" #ITdepartment #customersupport #deathvalley #newlyweds #innout #memorylane #emojis #pickles
Home sweet home. Making the transition to Utah life so much easier one plantain chip at a time. #TraderJoes #CAinUT #wheresthebeach? #runyonanyone?
"God so loved us that He sent His only begotten Son to help us. And His Son, Jesus Christ gave His life for us. All so that we could have access to godly power — power sufficient to deal with the burdens, obstacles, and temptations of our day." This really resonated with me. It's real. Love that we get reminders like these from apostles and leaders every six months to recharge, re-evaluate and change. So timely and inspiring. Other highlights for me from Day 1: "Jesus listening can hear," Holland, "Return and receive," Ballard, "Sons of thunder/men of action," Uchtdorf, "Receive light," Bragg (so awesome!) and "Walk with the Lord," Eyring. Day 2 is today at @ldschurch! #princeofpeace #ldsconf #godlypower
We all have personal sacred places outside of any religious building where we may worship. Places where life takes on deeper meaning, where there's greater clarity, where love and relationships are pure and simple, where God seems closer and where you feel guided and directed in your thoughts and actions toward divine purpose. This is one of mine.
Just got back a few weeks ago from time in Guatemala. While we participated in some pretty inspiring development initiatives, it always blows my mind how the smallest of human interactions with the villagers—like little Eloi yelling "Escott" when we got off the bus and grabbing my hand as we walked down the road—fills my soul. Forever grateful to @levismylie for first introducing me to the beautiful Mayan Q'eqchi' people and their slice of heaven on earth.
#guatemala #qeqchi #bantiox @choiceorg