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#mybloodyvalentine its what me blush this one this record to this #day i 💓

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~They say a ℒibra and Taurus make the best of friends, why you ask-? ℬecause we are ruled by ☿☿☿. We Venusians 💕 books, art, music, beauty, truth and love most of all 🅻🅾🆅🅴** ((+face masks, itinerant dancing high tide waves when no one’s looking and crying-laughing at everything))and they don’t make em loyal like you no more. Miss Andrea is my sweet-bosom now ℬuddhist!!!friend 💐My best friend in high school was a libra and i have her initial tatted on me btw. I love you beautiful, fun, kind, talented songstress, caring-lil goth-bird-you. ℒᎾℕᎶ ℒℐVℰ @bosswasse 💘🌻💐🌹💌💘💐🎂🎂🎂💘💐🌹💐🌻💐 ℋℬⅅ 🌹💘🎂💐💘🌹
ℬecause. 💘+🐇♊️+🐲+🎚= 🔪🦌ву ℳe*
ℒa guerita rvee in los uniteds eh-states. 💌🎡🤹🏻‍♀️🐣was a ride then, and still one now...✨✨✨✨
Ꮎffrenda pyramid 2 Ꭻesus ℳalverde the Mexican Robin Hood Narco Saint🌹 △☿ 🇲🇽
ℳake no mistake, ℛey is a very mexicanito guau guau 🐶🌽🇲🇽
And yer false narratives. ✊🏽💘
~Today marks my 9 years being a practicing* nichiren shoshu Buddhist. Yay me for choosing the spritely-light and sayn fuck u to the sticky pungent-dark. ✊🏽💘🙏🏽
Sometimes formats deviate. ℬy ℳe 💘👏🏽
ℳise en Ѕcenè
ˌmēz ˌän ˈsen/-
the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play...Ꮎctubre🌚🦂🦉🛎