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I love #macmakeupartist before in the top left after kinda obvious!

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“While we try to teach our children all about life our children teach us what life is all about” 👧🏼💝🌹👶🏻💖🌹 #AlexandraNicole #MarisolDaniela #mybabies #larubiaylamorena #rubia #chuchi #theyrideforeachother
My right hand girl. She’s legitimately my little partners always helping me wether it’s with her sissy or dinner she’s always by my side (sometimes it drive me crazy) but I wouldn’t change anything with the beauty!!! #alexandranicole #eldest
“Mommy can you make Sissy and I bracelets” aka she grabs a bunch of beads and I hold the string. #kandi #futureravers
We still have 8 months to go but we’re all really excited about EDC Vegas. #squadgoals #edclasvegas #edc
Holy shit how I’ve changed. Top left 2012 bottom left 2013 and now, seriously holy shit!!!!! I weighed almost 265lbs I can not believe it. #elliebelle
August 2016 when my girl was still learning how to talk but knew where mascara went.
Rubia at a month 👆🏼 (January 2015)
Chuchi at a month 👇🏼 (October 2017)
Where is the time going😭 I need my babies to stop growing 👶🏻👧🏼 #AlexandraNicole #MarisolDaniela
I tell people all the time push through this isn’t it!
It’s a day late pero my baby is a month old. She is legitimately just like her daddy in every way! This sweet girl loves to stare at her Daddy and she fake cries just so her Sissy will pick her up and gives her kisses. She’s developing amazingly smiles when she’s being feed, growing way to fast and trying to be as grown as her sister. Chuchi this last month with you in our family has been amazing and I can’t wait to continue to see you and your sister grow. 👶🏻💖🌻 #MarisolDaniela #BabyAvila #onemonthold
He’s the Rick to my Morty. The Archer to my Lana. The Bob to my Linda. The Fry to my Lela. Basically he’s my partner in crime and I couldn’t have asked for a better guy. 👫 #mce #zamnzaddy #myzeus