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Descent into Los Angeles

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I can’t recommend being a dog owner enough. If you have the space, time, money, and temperament to give a dog a loving home (even temporarily), you’re an asshole if you don’t find a way to make it work. I was an asshole for about two years (when I could have adopted a dog but didn’t bc I was scared) until I fostered Luigi and it was the best decision of my life no hyperbole.
The moment you realize you forgot to put tanning lotion on your hands
NOR CAL. Please read and share. My heart is broken for animals who don’t understand what the fuck is happening.
Me, my late cuz JD (he is deceased, not unpunctual), and sis. 1990 #tbt
Oh my god I finally got to watch @rachelfeinstein_’s set from last night’s @fallontonight and it made me so proud to be a woman. Join me in this feeling. Link in my bio!
No one is funnier than this woman. I am so lucky to call her my friend! (Thanks for the pic @michaelcox1. He also helped pick out her jokes and dress! 🔥👌😊). Make sure to watch Rachel’s set on your computer tomorrow if you missed it tonight on @fallontonight.
This photo sucks but it accurately depicts how I feel about animals lately. Her name is Jasmine and she wasn’t into it, but boy was I... On Thursday, @punchlinesac and I gave all of Thursday show’s proceeds ($2200) to @frontstreetanimals and @4rfriends. In other words: me and @punchlinesac are HEROS.
Last night of shows at @punchlinesac tonight! Come out. Marion is so very gross, btw.
I posted this pic of @natashaleggero on my story the other day but it begs to be seen again. 🙌
I'm in Sacramento Tomorrow, Fri, & Sat at @punchlinesac. Tag a friend who lives there.
Marion acts so funny when I accuse her of peeing on things she def peed on (like this bath mat).