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i took some days off initially to follow around touché amoré for a couple of days but then i didn't have enough money to do so and instead spent the time nesting into my not so new home and looking around for a dog to adopt. i didn't finish unpacking everything because i suck and didn't fall in love with any dogs, but i did put my two weeks in at target. for the last year target has been a huge stressor for me, and it has come to the point that it's affecting me in my life outside of work. recently, i got offered the opportunity to be co-manager at forever 21. it's a pay raise and a substantial change. one where i'll be able to dress cute, do my nails and wear jewelry- i can only assume it's going to make me fall back in love with myself. i am so excited, i haven't felt like this in a long time. to new chapters, new beginnings, etc. here is the last 96hrs.💕✨