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Birthday brunch with my pops...this guy will forever be too cool for school lol

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When you meet your old MTV friends for lunch and end up backstage at that wokest panel ever!! Shaheim, TI, David Banner, Joey Badass and other dope penelists killed the RMC Hip Hop vs Trump panel today!
My people, let's put all of our energy into helping our islands and 0 energy into that last statement. We've got work to do and can't focus on someone we knew wouldn't step up anyway!
For those of you not from the Caribbean, what you all have come to know as paradise is now the center of a humanitarian crisis. If you've ever spent $8 on sunblock or whatever else your vacation called for, put that type of money into these islands. When you go to the grocery store or when you spend 2 hours roaming around Target, buy a little extra or spend a little less so you can donate cash. A little goes a long way!
I looove this kid to the moon and back! Happy birthday to our little MJ, EJ!!!
From the plane straight to grab BonChon and beer with my Maddie! 🤗🤗🤗 #ilovenyc #theythoughtiwasastudent #istillgotit
Power posing and sailing down these New Orleans streets to celebrate @lguerrr last days as a single woman! #LadysRatchlorette #NewOrleans
Riding out the storm in one of my favorite cities!! Celebrating my roomies last days as a single woman! #LadysRatchlorette #neworleans
Nothing in this country really shocks me anymore. Sending strength, love and protection to all the dreamers and to their parents as well. Bringing your child to safer ground by any means necessary and wanting a better life for them doesn't make you a criminal. Don't let anyone vilify you! #daca
So much fun celebrating the roomie!! Ain't no party like a Dominican backyard party!! Can't wait for #MadysTieTheKnot
She likes long walks on the beach because she busted her knee weeks ago and cant run 🙈🤣
Film Gate!! What a dope experience meeting awesome people with the same passion!!
May I always be playful, capture the moment, think deeply, be wild, be fearless and one day find a man who loves me the way I love cheese! 🤣🤣🤣 #deepcaptionsbelike #ijustlikedthesepicsofme #chicagoisdopewhenitswarm #funtimes #chicago #layovercrashers #flightattendantlife
Thanks for the memories Chicago! It's always a pleasure but experiencing you in the summer is on another level! I've got stories for days and scars to show for it! 😂🤕 I hope to see you again soon!
Layover Crashers! A full day of Chicago sightseeing with my amazing friends! Thank you both for all that you do. You are my emotional support people that I can bring on the plane without a note from a doctor and you are allowed to sit in a seat. Pretty incredible! 😂 #flightattendantlife #chicago #tresleches #thecarbieshittheroad #daytrip
Inspiration and productivity at 35,000 feet. I've never felt comfortable calling myself a writer even though it lives within me and brings me real joy. When I finally sit and get words on paper (or on screen), I get a little more comfortable with the title. 🤓 📝