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Just want to throw a little beauty out into the world today. 💕 Happy Friday, friends! 🤗 #maternitysession #twins
Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Texas, the world. 🙏🏼❤️
Dear River,
Mommy's a day late again but happy 9 months my little Energizer Bunny!
🌿You now...
• use your index finger to point at things.
• love to ride the swings at the park.
• can crawl up and down stairs.
• cruise along any and all furniture.
• say 아빠.
• have 5 teeth and one currently sprouting.
• clap and bounce to music.
• love the song Wheels on the Bus.
• give the best hugs and open mouth "kisses" on the cheek.
🌿I can't believe it's already been 9 months. Thank you for being so forgiving and understanding when we make mistakes and trying to figure things out. We love you forever.
Love, Mom
#riverzeldon #9monthsold
I'm one of those people who prefer their fine jewelry to be meaningful so I'm obsessed with my new "r" and "z" earrings from my fave @easterahndesign. I don't wear much jewelry these days because River likes to touch (read: pull/yank) everything so these studs are perfect for this mama of a curious baby. I haven't taken the earrings off since I got them and are now part of my everyday staples. Plus, it makes me feel like I have a piece of my son wherever I am. 👶🏻❤️ (P.S. @easterahndesign is kindly offering my friends 10% OFF her Love Letters Collection from now until Oct. 31st! Use code LOVELETTERS10) #easterahndesign #jewelry #ad
Sending love to my fellow Rainbow Mamas on #bumpday. I know how scary, stressful, and emotional a pregnancy after loss(es) can be -- you're not alone. ❤️ Wishing you all a peaceful, smooth, and easy pregnancy and delivery. You got this, Mamas. 🤰🏻🌈👶🏻 #throwback #notpregnantagain (📷: @mrdabney)
Wishing you a beautiful Monday and week! 💖 (Florals by @milieuflorals)
I'm finally beginning to catch my breath from last month. August was crazy in terms of work -- I had shoots every weekend as well as a bunch during weekdays. Although it felt good to be busy, it really stressful trying to juggle everything. It also reminded me that I really do need to slow down a little and try not to put too much on my plate. It's hard for a workaholic to not always be immersed in work but I have a little guy who needs me and my time with him is more important than anything else. I'm looking forward to taking it a little easy this month (even though I am booked up) and embrace a slower pace. 🌸 #momtrepreneur #momlife #bosslife
Dear River,
Mommy's a day late but happy 8 months my sweet, sweet boy!
🌿You now...
• love to make us laugh with your silly faces and sounds.
• crawl so fast making it harder to keep up with you.
• can wave hi and bye.
• finally say "dada".
• pull yourself up to stand and walk. You love to walk around in your crib.
• have 4 teeth -- 3 bottom, 1 top.
• want to eat everything we're eating and love finger foods.
• are down to 2 naps a day.
🌿We look at you and can't believe you're ours and can't believe how lucky we are to be your parents. Thank you for being so mellow, easy-going, understanding, and HAPPY. We love you forever.
Love, Mom
#riverzeldon #8monthsold
Time seems to pass faster when you're a parent. Seems like yesterday when he was this tiny. 💔 #wheresthepausebutton #tbt #riverzeldon
Anybody remember this? This was the logo when I launched Love & Lemonade exactly 8 years ago today! I can't believe Love & Lemonade is 8 years old! My life has been filled with so much joy, purpose, and love thanks to photography and it's been one hell of a ride. I'm sharing more and reminiscing on the blog today! 💖 <Link in profile>
It's been 7 months since we moved into our house and I'm finally getting around to setting up my home office. I think I resisted tackling this room for so long because I just didn't know which direction I was headed professionally and knew it wouldn't be a place conducive to creativity and productivity given the headspace I was in. I used to walk past this room not wanting to look into it or think about it. It was just a constant reminder that I didn't have a grasp on my career anymore. When I recently found myself stopping and standing at the doorway and thinking of decor ideas and envisioning all the new projects I would develop and work on from this space, I knew it was time and I was ready. I'm not sure where to begin or what look I'll be going for but I'm excited that my new dreams and goals will finally have a home. 🏡 #loveandlemonade #bosslife #momtrepreneur #dreambigger
If you guys have a moment to spare, I would really be so grateful if you could help me out and answer a quick 1 question survey on my blog. ✔️ Direct link in my bio. Thank you!!
I get so busy with #momlife, #wifelife, and #bosslife that I forget to #livelife. I need to remind myself to pause here and there and slow things down to take a little breather. Who else is looking forward to the weekend? 🙋🏻
NEW BLOG POST: Some of my favorite finds for River's nursery. <Link in profile> #ad @thebabycubby
Dear River,
Happy 7 months!! This past month you learned to crawl and sit up unassisted, you love making people laugh with your silly faces and showing off your 2 bottom teeth, and your first words were "umma" and "mama". You've also been attempting to stand and beginning to say "appa". Oh, and we can't forget your first haircut! You hit so many big milestones this month which has been bittersweet and sometimes more than I can handle but we're so proud of you and love watching you become your own person. You light up our home and life more than you will ever know. We love you forever.
Love, Mom
#riverzeldon #7monthsold
One of the random silly faces he does lately to make me laugh. 😆 #riverzeldon @ninedragons