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User Image garancedore Posted: Sep 16, 2012 2:24 PM (UTC)

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Shoes I want right now @topshop

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User Image garancedore Posted: Jan 17, 2018 10:20 PM (UTC)
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A view of my new studio space! We’re shooting today at home - so happy I worked on it with @westelm - I can’t get over my new sofa and tables 🤪 (this is my new favorite emoji) #mywestelm
User Image garancedore Posted: Jan 12, 2018 5:22 PM (UTC)
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Today on @atelierdore, wonderful soul and wonderful storyteller @hmerrick tells us the story of the devastation the fires brought to her and to her family. This resonates even deeper now - as we’re going through more devastation with deadly mudslides in California. Follow the link in bio. All my thoughts go to those affected and to their loved ones...
I feel the luckiest woman alive when I get to spend time with people whose personalities are as inspiring as their work. Listen to the new episode of #PMF with @roman_and_williams_ to understand why I fell in love with Robin and Stephen and if you’re in #NYC please go have a coffee at the brand new space @rwguild , in Soho... Link to the podcast in bio - and you can also just find in on ITunes!
Happy New Year you guys!
My family just left home. I spend two weeks (a little bit more? I don’t know - I lost track of time!) fully being with them and I put my phone away. Phone detox!
This was a dream of mine, having my dad, my brother and their families home with me, so I didn’t want to miss a second. .
I rented a van so we could visit around (there was ten of us!) and one of the days we went to visit the Joshua Tree Park. Heidi joined us with her daughter Hiver cause they are totally part of the family. .
It was beautiful and simple and pure - and now I’m getting photos from all of them because I barely took any. Here is one of them. .
Hope your break was full of love! Big hugs!
User Image garancedore Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:05 PM (UTC)
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Back in LA, just in time for a little breakfast at Tiffany’s and a little diamond shopping (I wish!!!) - check out the link in bio! @tiffanyandco #tiffanyeveryday #ad
User Image garancedore Posted: Dec 2, 2017 2:25 PM (UTC)
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I totally love our new 2018 calendar!!! (Right - maybe that’s because I illustrated it...) it’s as bright and happy as 2018 will be ☀️
you can find it on our store at @atelierdore - link in bio!
User Image garancedore Posted: Nov 30, 2017 3:45 PM (UTC)
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Maman et moi in Girolata, our little village in Corsica (click on the geotag to check it out!!!)...
My sister has been doing the coolest thing ever : gathering all the family photos - not only photos taken by our family but also some taken by our friends and people who were living around and that took photos of us. She is starting to have a huge collection and as she goes, i discover photos I had never seen, like that one.
It’s a pretty amazing way to piece together forgotten moments of our childhood. It’s so deep in emotions. .
Also, our mom looked so cool, right?
User Image garancedore Posted: Nov 29, 2017 4:33 PM (UTC)
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Inspiration today: a red sweater and a middle part. Ali McGraw makes want to be okay just having my hair up most of the time. In my favorite photos I see of her, her hair is up in that simple, beautiful, shiny, confident way. .

For me, that’s the way I love it the most too.
When I look at photos or me, hair back is always a favorite.

It’s of course due to the nature of my hair that takes completely different shapes and textures throughout the day, depending on about any factor around, weather, stress, anything. Sometimes I think I look super good and then I cross a mirror, just to find out a nest took shape on top of my head.
It’s just uncontrollable!!!

Might just let it grow and try to find more beautiful and creative ways to have it up. What do you think?
(Also: Dear Ali McGraw, I absolutely adore you and I think you’re becoming more beautiful every year. I hope to meet you, one day, one day!!!) #gdfavoritewomenever #alimcgraw
Cali light and colors... Back home!!!!!!
Morgane @morganesezalory and I have had parallel lives, and that’s probably why we had so much to talk about when we met. On #PMF today, she opens up about building her super successful brand @sezane - and also about pushing herself to the point of burn out.
I’ve met so many women close to burn out lately (myself included) that I feel that that conversation is extremely important. It’s cool to want to be successful - but is it also yet another crazy pressure on our shoulders? .

Aaaaah I could talk about it for hours.
And I probably will! In the meantime, to listen to the fabulous Morgane, follow the link in bio, or download on @itunes at Pardon My French!
User Image garancedore Posted: Nov 26, 2017 1:59 PM (UTC)
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South Carolina in the fall 🍂🍁🐿🍂🦌🍂
User Image garancedore Posted: Nov 25, 2017 12:37 PM (UTC)
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A little love story:
Women Who Run With The Wolves is one of my favorite books. I’ve carried it inside me since I was 26 when a friend, seeing how lost I was trying to please everyone but myself, recommended it. The book helped me say fuck it, I’m going to listen to that voice inside and change my life. Recognizing i should honor the wild woman inside me.
I remember at that time being sort of ashamed of my attraction to woo woo things like that, and asking the old bearded, very serious looking man who sold me the book : this is no hippie shit, right?
And him answering: no, this is very serious shit. Read it.

Years later I met Chris and saw that book on his bookshelf. I had lost it in my many moves and finding it was almost like suddenly finding myself. Once again, i was lost at that time, trying to please everyone but myself. I immediately opened it to dive into Clarissa Pinkola Estes marvelous, freeing world.

And as I opened it, I saw this wonderful dedication.
I was already in love with Chris, so I cracked a smile.
See, today, after years of rejecting the dreamer, esoteric, stargazer, wild woman side of me... I now slowly am living it, owning it (I would never have wrote that story even a year ago) feeling fuller and truer than I’ve ever been.
And that woman I’m becoming, she knows how to see signs!!! :)
PS to Frank, Chris’s brilliant stepfather : you’re just awesome. Men, woman, read, and reread the book. Even if you’re not ready to, leave it in a corner of your room. One day it will fall in your lap and its meaning will jump at you, and possibly, free you...
User Image garancedore Posted: Nov 24, 2017 2:16 PM (UTC)

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Today I’m going to the pool. Might not look like that pool but it‘s gonna feel awesome. Then sauna. Then pool again. And first a little jog. Been spending too much time reading in bed - was great, but now I feel like moving!!! Who’s coming?

#shakingitoff #poolspiration #needskoreanspaasap #gdinteriorinspiration let me know if you know the credits of that beautiful photo!
User Image garancedore Posted: Nov 23, 2017 2:20 PM (UTC)
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Morning fog on the lake. My favorite fall coat that has protected me perfectly from New York to Marrakech to Lexington SC. Chris behind the lens. Lulu running somewhere outside of the frame. All the family still asleep...

Life is so simple and i am feeling so grateful right now.

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!!!
User Image garancedore Posted: Nov 22, 2017 2:18 PM (UTC)
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Last weekend right after our retreat, i got invited through my friend @lolococo to @hatchgal and @kearnon ‘s birthday that was happening in Marrakech as well. It took me a second to say yes, because i didn’t know most of the 50 super-tight-knit-have-known-each-other-for-years-bffs that where going to be there... But not much more than a second.

I’ve always loved feeling a little like a fish out of water - getting outside of my comfort zone. And i thought, when such a spontaneous beautiful invite comes to you, you just say yes.
So, i absolutely loved all of it. The people, the adventures, the parties, and the overall empathy i could feel around me. Was like jumping in a giant pool of love.
Things i learned from that weekend:
+ it’s beautiful to be able to create a family of friends like that. And I’m sure it takes a lot of talent.
+ it feels so good sometimes to be a little bit out of our own tribe, opened to anything. To just say yes!!!
+ i can drive an ATV!!!
So, thank you @kiernon and @hatchgal for sharing all of this. It was amazing. Thank you @lolococo for sharing your friends. Thank you @ipeki for being a bit of my weekend producer and fairy. Thank you @africanbean for the eyelashes and the dances and the spirit. Thank you @amandabhallawilkes for the sequins. Thank you Nadine for the dress and thank you @arianeleondaridis for the feather!!! .

Thank you to all of you guys who made me feel like i had always been part of this beautiful family. Yay! #moroccanroll2017
We did it!!!... Our first ever #atelierdoreretreat !!! i just flew back from Marrakech and i know it’s going to take days for me to take in all that happened in a week. .
It was beyond our wildest dreams. I’d always wanted to share more of the things I’ve learned as well as introduce the wonderful people i meet on my way... .

And I’ve always thought that with so much online-ness, any occasion to create offline moments is a good occasion. Which is probably why i didn’t post much last week 😬

Moments i loved the most : our speakers @morganesezalory and @tracymcmillan meeting all our wonderful guests and connections being created forever.
Being able to share and collaborate in such a breathtaking place, @elfennmarrakech .

Falling in love with the personalities and the work of our guests - 20 of the most accomplished and generous women.

People opening up and feeling supported, never judged. Me included. .

And many, many, many other moments of laughing and learning from each other. .

i can’t wait for the next one... we’re already working on it so stay tuned!!! But this one will for sure be unforgettable. #atelierdoredoes @atelierdore @smithhotels
Beautiful morning and beautiful view for @morganesezalory @sezane workshop. This retreat is beyond all my expectations, our guests are the most wonderful women and so many friendships and collaborations are built. Follow @atelierdore and my stories for more behind the scenes!!! #AtelierDoreDoes @elfennmarrakech @smithhotels
The beautiful Misty Copeland! i am so lucky to have her on Pardon My French this week. She talks so real and she’s so animated by her passions. She is pure beauty and inspiration and i am not surprised she is @esteelauder ‘s Modern Muse. To listen to the podcast and see the photos, follow the link in bio! And you can also go straight to ITunes and find Pardon My French! @mistyonpointe - you’re the best! #esteestories
User Image garancedore Posted: Nov 15, 2017 9:45 AM (UTC)
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i am so in love with our @atelierdore notebooks, part of the new collection we just launched and that you can totally purchase on! #winkwink
Also, i was working on my workshop on creative storytelling this morning, and wonderful @renukashyap_stylist brought her amazing book about Ibiza. You should check it out, it’s beautiful!

So many fascinating creative women around me right now, i feel more inspired than ever. This retreat is everything!!!
Ok off to my workshop! Send me good vibes! .
#AtelierDoreDoes #garanceinmarrakech #marrakech
User Image garancedore Posted: Nov 14, 2017 4:13 PM (UTC)
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Taking a minute to work in a quiet place with @lolococo on my side - so much beauty everywhere!!! ❤️ #garanceinmarrakech