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User Image hannah_in_london Posted: Nov 20, 2017 12:11 PM (UTC)
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[M OO D] Feeling like these deserve their moment of instafame. Yes. For all the travel drama (and good times) they’ve carried me through... 🙌🏼
What is it that makes your trips more enjoyable ?
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[Bordeaux] Sous le charme Bordelais 🇫🇷
Quelle chance d’avoir attéri dans la ville des ‘bons vivants’ ce week-end et d’avoir pu découvrir ses belles rues pavées, sa gastronomie @bordeauxs.ogood, mais surtout des personnalités et leurs histoires 🙌🏼 Des recos pour le dernier jour ? 🙂 ••• Less than 2h away from London town @british_airways... a gem of a city 🇫🇷 Lucky to be around for the first time, walk the paved roads, discover the local food but mostly, meet some great people and learn their stories 🙌🏼
What is your favourite getaway destination?
#Bordeaux #Wheninbordeaux #thisisbordeaux
[Mood] My version of weekend chilling, embodied by @mr_grumpynou 🙌🏼 What are your favourite chill plans ?
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[Balimoon] On s’envole, on s’envole, on s’envole ... vers le week-end ✨ @karlyfornication @bali.swing
#Baliadventures #Bali #Takeusback
[Recipe] The cookies that make your palet travel all the way to Middle East... without moving 💕
Finally as promised, here is the final look and full recipe of my Ka’ach Bilmalch savoury cookies w flavours that resemble the ones you can find in Lebanon, Greece, Israel... , taken from the JERUSALEM cookbook by @ottolenghi 🙌🏼 In all the recipes I make, I try to reduce the amount of sugar and use healthier ingredients when possible, lactose free even sometimes. So here you go (30-40 cookies):
500g flour
100ml sunflower oil
100g unsalted butter
1 tsp fast-rising active dey yeast
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1 tbsp fennel seeds, toasted + lighlty crushed (important step to release the flavours)
100ml water (I added 50ml to this one)
1 large free range egg, beaten (for the golden look)
2 tsp black/white sesame seeds
1) Preheat the oven - 200degrees
2) Place the flour in a bowl and make a well in the center
3) Pour the oil+butter+yeast+baking powder+sugar+salt+spices
4) Stir until you get a dough
5) Add water little by little
6) Make 25g balls w the dough and roll them into snakes (13cm long) to create a circle, then place on a parchment sheet and REPEAT (30x 😬)
7) 2cm space betwn each ring, brush each one with the beaten egg and leave for 30min
8) Bake biscuits for 22min until golden brown
(With a hungry husband around, they last around... 2days 😱😅)
#Recipe #cooking #cookies #ottolenghi #love #inspiration #mediterranean #flavours #greece #lebanon #israel
User Image hannah_in_london Posted: Nov 14, 2017 5:10 PM (UTC)
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[InDaKitchen] Ready to bring back some fun in da kitchen? 🤙🏻
It’s been a long time since I hadn’t experimented w food... 👉🏼 but back at it now, with some recipes inspired by the one and only @ottolenghi Jerusalem book 🙌🏼
I had forgotten how much I love cooking and baking. And as a digital marketing entrepreneur, a part I really enjoy is creating beautiful content and work on some food photography afterwards.
But another part that I also love, and that I feel sometimes « too beautiful » food pics outshine, is the whole process of experiencing, testing, failing, sharing, having F-U-N !!!!
Isn’t it what it is all about? 😃 Time to let loose, show what REALLY gets going behind the perfect lighting 😋
[Check my next post for the entire recipe of these savoury cookies 👀]
#Food #cooking #comingsoon #fun #huffposttaste #lovecooking #instafood #cookingtime
It’s a coffee kind of day... ☕️
Seems like it will take some more to get ready to speak at a the @exphotel conference this weekend in Bordeaux for @hannahberaud 👩🏻‍💻
Any public speaking tips that work for you and that I could use? 😬
#coffeetime #londonlife #bigweek
[Paris] Coup de foudre dans les toilettes du @cafe_du_trocadero 😅 là où le hashtags #bathroomgoals prend tout son sens 🎀

Just started a bathroom love affair 💕 I mean, if this isnt where the hashtag #bathroomgoals takes all its meaning, then where ? 🙌🏼
#Restoinstagrammable #frenchdoitbetter #thisisparis #marbre #mirroirs #mirrors #bathroomart #inspirations
[Paris] Idée farfelue : entrer dans un resto, juste pour sa déco ! 😅 C’est exactement ce qui se passe au @cafe_du_trocadero 👉🏼 Un classique parisien, réinventé par les meilleurs, @maison_hand_fr, et qui vous donne envie de capturer, dévorer des yeux, chaque petit coin et recoin de la maison, en commençant par le sol biensûr 👀
[Food] Chicama-licious 🙌🏼
Yes... one can get excited about salad 😏 This one is NEW on their menu: green papaya salad, fresh herbs, crab, shallots & sesame. @chicamalondon combines everything I love in a restaurant: colourful, cozy atmosphere + flavourful, sharing & healthy menu + located near my house 😋 Also this little brother of @pachamamalondon is entirely focused on fish (grilled, ceviche...) 🐟.
Will have to go and try their brunch next time, and their new opening too...! 👀 Anyone wants to join? 🤗
(Hand model and food partner 4 life @karlyfornication)
#Londonrestaurants #foodie #peruvianfood #healthy
[Food] Peruvian chic style & crazy good flavours 🍴(and they have a new lunch menu...👀) @chicamalondon
#Londonrestaurants #Foodie #Lunchgoals
[BaliMoon] Would you ever wake up in the middle of the night, on your honeymoon... to climb a volcano???? 😅 We always love a challenge, so YES we did... and no regrets!! The 2:00 AM wake-up call was tough, followed by a 2:30h hike to the top of Mount Batur (along with 500 crazy people like us)✌🏼But when you are lucky to witness nature’s beauty... first hand... and meet fun people from around the world along the way, it’s all you will remember 🌄
Definitely a MAJOR highlight of our honeymoon, organised via the amazing team at @viceroybal & @karlyfornication 👌🏻 Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to disconnect and go on an adventure!
••• Interested in luxury/adventure/honeymoon tips/recommendations in Bali ? Get in touch !📝 #Honeymoon #Bali #Memories #ViceroyBali
[Address] Rainy weekends in London are for foodies! 🙌🏼 And the go-to address for all the colourful Choux fans this month is... @maitrechoux’s 2nd location in Soho, recently opened 💁🏻Cute, delicious, and the perfect amount of sweetness one needs to survive the busy city life 😋
PS: I haven’t been testing/sharing many new restaurants/cafes/places in London lately ... but will try to share more!
Which places do you recommend? 👇🏼
#wheninlondon #foodie #weekendvibes
[BaliMoon] This frangipane smell captures all the happiness we were so lucky to experience in Bali, and more 🤗 Here, at the @viceroybali, our first stop in Ubud. The amazing staff definitely set the tone for the rest of the trip to come! A honeymoon perfectly planned thanks to @karlyfornication’s talent & love 🌺
••• Interested in our honeymoon tips/refommendations in Bali ? Get in touch !📝
#Balimoon #wheninbali #onceinalifetime
[St Jean Cap Ferrat] My evening plans in a shell ... after a business trip to Prague @hannahberaud 😅🐚 #Lariviera #Takeusback
[#Lobbynerd alert 👀] Singapore, being a landmark city for design & innovation, its no surprise to discover the beautiful Fairmont SG’s lobby art installation ! Worth a visit if you are around 🤳🏼 #Wheninsingapore #lobbynerd #luxuryhotels #visitsingapore
[Geneva] Nouveaux horizons pour 2018 🌊 Attention à ne pas se fier au calme du va secouer ! 💥
#Wheninswitzerland #Travel #Nofilter
User Image hannah_in_london Posted: Oct 24, 2017 10:34 AM (UTC)
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[Biarritz] Anyone else hearing the ocean calling (besides me and my hair) ?!! 🌊
#Biarritz #Summertime #France