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Ummm, I have never had fresh macarons (I shall call them freshies) from Chantal Guillon before today. Go to the SoMa location where they are made. I didn't know they could be better but they are.
I'll miss you glassy water and rock formations. Lake Powell adventure success.
New Castle, your afternoon light is delightful.
Some days require a midday SFMOMA break. If you go, make your way to Floor 7 and check out The Visitors by Ragnar Kjartansson, I insist.
I have been to this spot plenty of times while these monstrous things were not in bloom. Today I spied them. Well, spied is a bit generous, you can't really miss them, they're huge.
This nerd. Sleepy from doing nothing all day.
Calling it done. Circular matting will be here in a couple of weeks for framing.
Tormund progress. Almost done. Really enjoying how the light bounces off the thread.
Sitting here, tolerating each other...
The sweet Sophie nugget is back in the office. #mavenlife
Always record! ALWAYS record! Look what Bart and I found on the TV.
Looking forward to fun times at #Craftcation18!! Like to join in the fun? Link in bio.
Sweet new pin. "If you can see, the numbers all go to ELEVEN!"
Salty down there. Great time in SLC (despite catching a cold), looking forward to the next trip.