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  Posted: Sep 16, 2012 3:03 AM FEED
22 X-Pro II
True story. 🎯
  • Aw

  • D'aw...

  • Same here!!!

  • They not ready to hear this but it true! Dudes be deep too! Lol

  • Maturity

  • Everything is better when you are connected on a higher level. Why is this not the norm? People are all surprised by this mindset and I find it baffling.

  • @imancrosson i kno im late but are u and Lisa not together anymore?

  • @arodomus not people...most men!

  • @foxydvah if you read back, some females say "wow", "I wish all men would think like you" and "maturity". If women would demand and hold men to this higher standard, then it would become the norm.

  • @foxydvah I keep seeing women posting how great Chris brown is, one even said to me, "I don't care if he beats women, I love him". That being said, is it a surprise that men are such jerks? (not all of course)

  • I'm not blaming women of course, I'm saying it's in your power to affect change. You have to most powerful tool in the world to leverage against men. A vagina. Lol. @foxydvah

  • @arodomus true story! Example: I can't even begin to tell u how many times a guy cut me off becuz I wasn't moving fast enuff on the first date <if u kno what I mean>

  • @foxydvah you wanna laugh? 2 girls dumped me after a first date because I didn't move fast enough! Lol.

  • Btw, @foxydvah you are better off without those guys. :-)

  • i'm loving this. thank you for posting this! really good to see that not all men are the same and there are those who really want to love and appreciate a woman :)

  • @arodomus that's what I keep telling myself! Geez... We aren't that desperate right?!?!

  • I really like this because it's SO true!

  • @foxydvah I just felt I should treat them with respect and take our time together. They felt otherwise.

  • @foxydvah I assume a woman wants to be treated as such. So I treat her good. If they wanted to simply bang, well, I guess I can do that, but I would never assume that. So I treat them like women should be treated. There loss.

  • @arodomus their loss!

  • All day bra...a beautiful inside can make any exterior look good on a woman. But the man can't be a 'before Shallow Hal' He has to be an 'after'.

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