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jayzombie 265w ago
My photography is hanging in an exhibit / silent auction for charity. A billion thanks to @pamchop for organizing & asking me to be involved!

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If a selfie falls in a room full of selfies and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? 🗣
The haze in San Francisco is thick and the air has been burning my lungs since we landed. You can taste the devastation from the fires in the North Bay. If you’re looking for a way to help the thousands who have lost everything, @rebuildwinecountry could use your donations to assist people in rebuilding their home. Even $5 will help. 😔🙏🏻
I’ve been obsessed with floral arrangements for years, but the idea of creating something spectacular out of flowers was always way too intimidating. When @Skillshare hired me to take a course and share my results I initially thought I’d learn a photography-related skill, but when I saw the floral centerpiece class by @putnamflowers I knew I had to try my hand at it. My centerpiece is inspired by Dutch Masters’ still life paintings (shout-out to Johannes Vermeer) and my favorite season; autumn. Watch my Stories to see the entire creation process, and tap the link in my bio to check out the wide variety of classes Skillshare has to offer + sign up for two *FREE* months! 💐📚 #ad
Summer’s not quite over here in LA so I’m still thinking about ice cream a whole lot lately. 😋🍦🍧🍡🍨
IT’S THE WEEKEND, BABEEEEEY! 🕴🏻 My favorite thing about this photo is that I said to @melissademata, “I wonder if we can make it look like you’re jumping out of this painting?” and she absolutely nailed it in only 2 takes.
It’s a hard day to be an empathetic person. Thinking of everyone directly and indirectly affected by the senseless terrorism in Las Vegas last night. 💜😞☮️
Hard to believe this was the basement of the museum ⚪️
When everyone in your adventure crew is starving, but someone spots a good wall with even better light so you do a quick photo session before RUNNING into the arms of a pastrami sandwich. This is ✨obviously✨ what that moment looks like. 😂
Plants are made of magic and joy. And science. 🌿👩🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🔬🌹
Ran around the Städel Museum following and photographing anyone wearing bright colors looking at the art. Not weird at all. 🖼👭👀
I accidentally ordered a platter of pastrami with mustard at this colorful Jewish deli and it ended up being the BEST mistake. 😋 Shana Tovah to my friends celebrating the new year this week! 🍏🍯🍎
Fell in love with the beautiful ornate buildings of Römerberg. I've been so intrigued by historical sites that were rebuilt as exact replicas post-WWII ever since my trip to Warsaw. It's pretty amazing that visitors today get to see and experience these locations as those in the 15th century did considering they were piles of rubble after 1945.