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Ice cream made on the spot with liquid nitrogen!

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Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Minneapolis, MN. September 2017.
Say hello to the newest member of the family: Hasselblad 501C/M. I'm dubbing him 'Doug' in rememberance of my late Great Uncle, Douglas Banks; a photographer of many a year who inspired me to shoot in my teens. I wish I'd had more enthusiasm for photography through those years, missing the opportunity to shoot together or dabble in the darkroom, but he always encouraged my creativity. When I was around 14 he gifted me his Hasselblad 500C, but not having any clue on how to use it, and knowing it was worth quite a bit, we decided to sell it and send him the money.
As the years passed and photography has become my a larger part of my life, and my favourite creative outlet—allowing me to capture moments in time; little reminders and details that may seem nothing-y now, but left to mature over the years as we look back fondly and remember our past, we'll enjoying looking back at them.
As I approach 30, I thought it was time to bring a Hassy back into my life, and I can't wait to shoot with it tomorrow with @nazdaqindex . I have the film backs loaded up with Portra 160 and FP4 100, and this'll be my first time shooting medium format film! Exciting times ahead.

Miss you, Doug. .
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Still can't believe I'm lucky enough to have @errlix as my partner in crime. Happy anniversary my love <3