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sometimes taking the long way.. is the better way #morningdrive #cincy #covington @sbking1109

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Thank you to everyone who is already keeping up with me over on my @simmons_studio account.. I will no longer be using this personal acct and all my posting will be from Simmons exclusively. Check it out 👀 and if like what you see please follow me there so I can follow you back and stay connected! Thank you!!
Benjamin helping me in the kitchen tonight!! Best house guest ever:)
Bike ride to the farmers market before heading back to chi! Great weekend home celebrating @lynds1424 and Patrick's wedding!!
Making the most of everyday is so easy with this hunk by my side.. Happy anniversary @_stevenbking! #letsgobacktoparisplease
Happy Birthday to my #1 babe in the onsie.🍉LOVEYOU x BILLIONZZZZ
Left over pizza dough put to tartly good use!💡
à la vôtre! Kicking off our European holiday a la airport bar.. Lessssdodis @_stevenbking✈️