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Coyoacan is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Mexico City. Its name means “place of coyotes,” but for us it was a place of amazing street food, a whole lot of mezcal, and the perfect end to our trip.
Polanco from our hotel window. I've been surprised by how green some parts of the city are. There are so many parks and beautiful tree-lined streets. This city is huge--like 10x the size of San Francisco or Paris--so I've barely scratched the surface, but I think I'm falling a little bit in love.
Spit-roasted pork tacos. Thank god I've walked five miles already today because I've also eaten like 2000 calories before 4pm.
Eating and drinking our way around Roma and Condesa today. Elote, tacos, pozole, and mezcal.
I don't even have words for how amazing this six-course menu at Pujol was. But it was three hours of ohmyfuckingod.
Could fall please hurry up and get here? Nope, 90 degrees again. Guess I'll just dream of this crisp, cool day in Strasbourg.
#tbt to sunset in one of the cutest little towns in Iceland.
#tbt to the most beautiful swimming spot I've ever seen in Greece's Mani Peninsula.
Once upon a time (three years ago today), @travelinganna and I went into the wildest wilds of Canada (Jasper National Park), camped under the stars (in a tent with glowsticks), lived off the land (I brought wine) and fended off bear cubs (marmots). We also hiked 30 miles in 3 days with 30lb packs on our backs and climbed a freaking mountain. And we only complained a little (I complained a lot). Seriously, it was one of the hardest things I've ever done physically, at a time when I was struggling emotionally. It was, at times, terrifying and terrible. But it was also exhilarating and amazing and showed me that I'm capable of more than I think.

I'm ready to do it again. Where should we go next?
Missing this girl like crazy tonight. Hammel wine night (and everything) isn't the same without you, Pants.
#tbt to fall road trips in Iceland. It's coming on a year since I've been there, and that's too long.
The Landsby hotel. I could happily stay here for several more days. Super cute, modern design, great food, and cozy outdoor fire pits. Plus llama art!
Solvang is delightfully kitschy but with a dozen wine tasting rooms, even more bakeries, and horse-drawn trolleys in the streets, what's not to love?
Beers and brats and pretzels and mustard. Lunch in Solvang.
I'm not cool enough for a place called the Funk Zone but I liked the food, wine, and art there anyways.